Juanita Carmen Magallanez, Banning California, United States

BEWARE: This B**** Is Not Single!

This bitch is VERY, VERY bad news! She goes by the nickname “JC.” If you see her profile on any dating site DO NOT send her a message or try to get with her. She lied to me about her Facebook profile and said that she was not dating anyone, when she was actually in an “off again on again” relationship with her long time ex GF. She is a big time cheater (I found out that she and this ex girlfriend of hers were still seeing each other and having sex while she was dating me and texting me at the same time.)

NEVER send her money, because she will tell you that she has lost it, when she is actually using it to buy things for herself. She also makes up elaborate stories about her own personal life so that people can feel sorry for her. Beware of this one: She proposes to every woman after having communicated with them for just a few days, when in reality she has no intention of marrying them at all. She will promise you the stars and will tell you everything that you want to hear, when she is really just taking you along for the ride.

JC is a MAJOR attention seeker. She used me to cheat on her ex GF Erika, as the both of them have been known to use women against each other to make the other one jealous. They create profiles on various dating websites to suggest that they are single, when they have actually been together for over eight years. Watch out for these two, because they are partners in crime when it comes to manipulating women.

One of the lies that JC will tell you is that she is a VIRGIN, when in fact she is NOT. She will use your good name to spread false rumors about you, and she is extremely manipulative. JC has been known to have had a ton of girls via her social media, and she has more than four Facebook profiles. She is a habitual liar, a cheater, a slut, and a fake. DO NOT fall for her web of lies, because you are going to get trapped BIG TIME.