Stephanie Baker

I was told about this girl by a friend who has been fucking this girl while his Wife sat at home pregnant or taking care of their newborn son. This whore works at Fullico Kia in Cape Coral Florida and lives in Lehigh Acres from what I’m told she is VERY easy and will fuck anyone without a condom. I found her very easily on facebook. Feel free to blow her up she loves to be plowed by strangers and loves trying to wreck homes even more

Samantha Rose Duarte

Born October 20, 1993 Sam has spent her life after an unsuccesful stint in the army JAG unit where she got “hurt” and was passed around and wore out, advertising her sexual flexibility to any guy who happened to pay attention at the bar- where the only person she can convince to go out with her is her dad. She works at caseys farm stand in Apulia on rt 80 where you could Probly buy some cucumbers and offer to take her Home for a good time, but don’t bother it’s lose enough to fit a battalion of soldiers which may have actually caused it.