Nikki L Bentz

She is a liar, a drunk, a smoker and a cheater all in the closet. She presents to the world a sweet innocent good mommy while underneath, she is a horrible person. Despite her successful business, expensive house, wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children, she felt entitled to more. She has been cheating on her husband and family for years. Her most recent affair, of this last year, has been with her high school fling, Dustin Stephenson. If you see her, please feel free to call her out on it. Also feel free to leave a 1 star rating on her business page on Facebook, Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy Center (Boise and Nampa).
Feel free to text her and tell you how you feel 208-631-7699
If you see her on the road in her new white Toyota 4 Runner feel free to honk! (plate. “ID HOME”) She often sneaks around at night after work and can been seen bar hoping to several places in Nampa, ID.