Douglas Kehring of Oracle in Redwood Shores California CA

Douglas Kehring of Oracle uses bribe and kickback money on escorts in Redwood Shores California. This incompetent dolt of an executive Douglas (Doug) Kehring is the EVP Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Planning at Oracle Corporation. Douglas Kehring is fully responsible for many of Oracle’s bad M&A deals such as Sun Microsystems and various other toxic transactions that cost shareholders like me hefty. Douglas Kehring has been taking kickbacks from many of the Venture Capital Partners and Investment Bankers here in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years now. These acts of bribery are profoundly abhorrent. Douglas Kehring has been pushing for awful acquisition deals that did not return any value to Oracle’s customers, employees and shareholders. Oracle has been in criminal indictments handed down by the US Attorney’s Even and also many state AG’s have also sued Oracle for unethical business practices (eg. Oregon). Douglas Kehring — who is married — has had numerous sexual interactions and extra marital affairs with various women at Oracle, and he always bills call girls, escorts, strippers, hookers, prostitutes, etc. on the company tab. Oracle shareholders would be outraged to hear this! When will Oracle’s executives and Board of Directors do the right things are fire this unethical morally bankrupt scaumbag fraudster Douglas Kehring and act in the best interest of Oracle’s shareholders??? Douglas Kehring needs to be arrested and charged by the Federal DOJ and he also needs to be investigated by the SEC.