James Chilcoat, Austin, Texas

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Cameron Rogers Ottawa,ON,Canada

This douchebag almost took my virginty and then he broke up with me over text message because I was “distracting” him from his Physics class. He sucks.

Matthew Smith at BNP PARIBAS,London,UK is a cheater addcited to s*****e prostitutes

Matthew Smith is a CHEATING SCUMBAG addcited to prostitutes. He works at BNP Paribas London and lives in a dirty houseshare in Clapham. He used to work at JPMorgan London and Bournemouth
This DISGUSTING WHOREMONGER cheated on me with prostitutes and Asian ladyboys he met on dating sites/apps.
He is so stupid he s catched himself, he added the girls/trannies he cheated with on facebook and saved in his contacts the email adresses of escort agencies/prostitutes like “Londonbody2body”. Thats’ how I found out!
He is riddled with STDs that he caught either from the prostitutes or the girls/ladyboys he cheated with:Reem the ladyboy,Faith Dablo ,Pandora Amp ,Jaylynn Cali ,Ellaine Juanico ,Ana Rose Balaga ,Jiraporn Sangdet ,Ana Teano , Emiliy Lie, Aommie Chonticha, Queensha Luph U, Lisa Khamprapai, Nan Pawanda, bar prostitute Etha Bastari etc..
Most of them are Asians, just like the prostitutes from “londonbody2body” which is an Asian brothel he visits regularly. This CREEP is obesessed on Asians and even spent 6 months in Asia for s*x tourism because the prostitutes there are cheap and accept unprotected s*x with clients!
He also uses social medias ike facebook, instagram to contact and sollicit s*x with Asian trannies prostitutes. SAD LOSER!
He is on every dating sites/apps so there’s big “chances” you see his UGLY CUNTFACE on POF,Tinder,OKCupid etc…
He calls himself “smithmatt007” online although he probably changed of username since I decided to expose this VILE PIECE OF S**T!
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Full name= Matthew John Smith , but is just called Matt Smith
Works at: curently BNP Paribas London , used to work at JPMorgan
location:dirty houseshare in Clapham
Age:35 ( dob:27/11/1980)
emails adresse: matt.smith@bnpparibas.com / smithmatt007@yahoo.co.uk
mobile : 07894759774/ +44 7894759774

see: https://thedirty.com/gossip/london/matt-smith-is-a-cheater/

Brian Rathfelder, Bakersfield, California – You cant trust this guy.

Brian Rathfelder searches internet dating sites like NoStringsAttached and facebook for woman to date for s*x. He has multiple emails and user alias names he goes by PlatoRasta, Ming27, EatYourAssOut, and etc. This man has been a cheater since he was 17.. hes known for beating up women, even his own mom! Just a low down dirty shame, dont have much to say, we met on a NoStringsAttached, He is horrible in bed, cant even keep his d**k hard. All he does is smoke weed and sleep around. Just a guy wanting s*x from Radom women. He gets naked for underage gals and guys What a douchebag, nothing but a stinky a*s and watch out he has something you dont want to catch. He will take whats yours and act like its his. He is a dead beat that lives off of his mommy. You cant trust this guy. He will hurt you. He is abusive and you have been warned. Don’t trust him with money especially, like I said, he steals.