Michael A. Tate, Macon MS. Virginia, Jackson, MS

met this guy on match or BPM dot com.. Profile looked ok, he is an engineer, on the site it stated he made $300k a year , in good health, has an active exercise regimen, owns his on engineering contract firm….LIES…the guy was moving back home to his elderly sick mother in the poorest city in AMERICA…macon, ms. he lost his job and had no money. I dateed hm for over a year. I gave him a year, because i tend to get bored easily and cut people off so , i decided to give him a chance and stick with the undesirables thinking he was just stressed… he lived six hours away from me and would take my sick and vacay days to go and see him . He would invite and i would go. He came to my hometown maybe 3 times compared to my many times…the guy was totally selfish and had a gambling problem. On our first meet up with me going to him in Macon, he took me to a casino in one of the towns closet to macon who had a casino and he had me thinking that we were going for a couple of hours like normal people. well, we ended up staying for 3 days with no change of clothes. I was stuck in a small town with a guy I didn’t know , no change of clothes ..i ended up winning about 400 bucks via slot machine ..he came back to the room and asked me for my winnings because he lost everything. that scared the ba jesus out of me and i started to cry and so we left. i played nice just to get me back to my car which was in macon at his aunt’s house. low and behold …he had his aunt ask me for $300 dollars , i guess to give to him after losing his money at the casino. I once went over there and had a flat tire. I tried to tell him I could not come but he convinced me to drive the six hours anyway, yes, i had a flat tire. when i got there, we went to get my tire change at this mechanic friend house, my boyfriend asked me for the money to pay for the tire and turned around and kept the money. I know because i asked my bf for the receipt and he could not produce any. his mother was ill with many ailments and i think he wanted to hatch a plan for me to stay in macon , ms and take care of her with him telling me he was going to find work in jackson, ms…i didn’t fall for it. horrible but i stuck it out. this guy has a gambling issue apparently , one time he told me he was coming to my hometown . i went out and purchased food I thought he would like. well, he did not show up. he ended up at a casino without letting me know . i was stood up. he tried lying about but i called his job he had at the time and they said he took off for the weekend , he told me he had to work. he would beg people for money , declining credit cards. he found a job and went shopping at a mall, i met him there after my long six hour drive. He just shopped and shopped and then offered me a t-shirt …i gagged . he eats terrible and stuff fast food every chance he gets.. our second trip to thei am thinking hence the diabetes. his mouth was fiflty and called me out of my name several times. I was going through a firbroid issue and wasn’t feeling well and he screamed at me to move my car because the lawn service was there to do the yard, i was weak and lathargic and he screamed at me because i wasn’t moving fast enough for him. i should have taken all those bad signs and never return but i didn’t . he never checked under my hood to make sure his boo was but was sure to take his fancy car, which was in his Aunt’s name and take it to get his speakers checked out, he had me follow him. the sex was awful. He had diabetes so he couldn’t get it up and on top of that , he was uncircumcised at that , so it was painful to look at him be frustrated . I guess he could not feel anything because of the blood sugar. I could not give him a decent hand job because it was like massaging an overcooked hotdog..wait…an overcooked hot dog was harder than this guy. one time he was so frustrated he wanted me to put it in without any indication of an actual erection. on top of all that, he was over 6’3 tall and his penis was very very small so he was dealing with that as well, we would end up , me sucking his nipple while he jacked himself off…it was like mental challenging cirque de soliel event..absolutely horrible. he had ask my mom to marry me. my birthday came up and i was to spend the weekend over in jackson where he eventually moved. he talked me up about a surprise coming all week. we were once in a furnishing store and he was looking at high priced items so i mentioned that he should not be looking at high priced items being that he had money issues. day of my birthday, he gave me nothing but took me out to look at engagment rings and took pics of ones i liked..yes pics…this man was 47 at the time and he was taking pics of rings . i never went back. all that stemmed his very bad temper, i will assume. the guy was a total jerk. he never did anything nice or said anything nice. he threw a bag in my face while staying at an hotel because he was aggravated. he is abusive and doesn’t have anything to offer women. while we were dating, an ex looked me up on facebook and saw that we were dating. well, that ex emailed me warning me of this guy. I usually don’t listen to things like that but i have to say, i should have listened. i was starting my tech company before i met him so, i wporking at my brick and mortar job and working when I got home on my business, this guy actually asked me to work on his website while i was doing all what i was already doing. I could go on and on about the terrible acts this guy did to me and other girlfriends but whose got that kind of time. he asked me for $200 for food one time (which i knew in the back of my mind, it was for gambling) and did not want to pay me back and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I know i should have done it sooner.