Gabriel Phillip Schwartz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Public must be warned and careful about this guy, Gabriel Phillip Schwartz. He is extremely violent, destructive and mentally unstable. After a break up, he will make nonstop calls, emails, and social media messages….and when he is blocked, he will create nonstop bogus emails, social media profiles. Furthermore, he will search and pay for contact information of family members and start harassing them. He will cry, beg, or lie by claiming he has to talk to you about “something very important”. Gabriel Schwartz is truly pathetic. Dated this loser only for a few months 3 years ago (2014)….and he is still stalking and harassing!!!! Usually, around the beginning of the new year, he will create fake facebook profiles and attempt to message a “Happy New Year! I hope you’re happy!” bullshit message. It’s like clockwork….every new year….expect an email, message, call or some kind of harassing contact from this low-life.

Gabriel Phillip Schwartz was born in Pennsylvania (Jewish & American) and he speaks Hebrew and English. He currently lives in Southampton, Pennsylvania with his parents (because he has no money…we’ll talk more about this later). He frequents the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and there’s a possibility he will return to Las Vegas, Nevada because he has a storage unit there. As for Gabriel’s finances—-he’s got nothing. He accumulated tons of college loans/debts during his undergraduate and then filed for Bankruptcy. He’s trying to pull the same scam with taking out more student loans for graduate school. The only work experience he has is a waiter at Morton’s Steakhouse. He lies and claims he works in the Pharmaceutical field. He’s also a cheap bastard and stores a shoe box of receipts and use items and return them to get his money back or get something else new….he’s been successful at this at Walmart, Ikea, etc… He also buys broken items off of Craigslist and then contact the manufacturer of the item and complain (and lie, of course) in order to get a new item replaced. Pathetic, right? Wait, it gets even better. Gabriel Schwartz was also successful with getting free surgery done to his face and foot, by applying for a “charity” case. He’s also been successful with scamming the unemployment office and food stamps. Yes, he truly is the poster child for Charity. He would prance himself around Whole Foods, acting like a big shot and then bust out his EBT card….and he doesn’t get it. So low. When Gabriel is really desperate for money….he will dig through his shoe box of receipts to see what he can return for cash or he will search through his personal belongings to see what he can pawn. It’s so pathetic. and if he doesn’t get his way….he will cuss and scream at people. werido. So, he lives at home with his parents because (obviously) he can’t take care of himself and he can’t find a chick to take car of him (which forces him to harass/stalk his ex’s) Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Gabriel is extremely Narcissistic. He actually convinced himself that he is a DJ. hahahaha! He calls himself DJ Gabriel Schwartz (wanna be DJ) from GPS Entertainment, LLC (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). There is a hysterical video of him (taken and posted by his only friend)….whereas, he is standing in a corner by himself (literally) and there’s nobody around except his only friend taking the video, and he’s staring into the camera (trying to be all sexy & seductive, and then he does some fairy action with his hand where he touches the knob then flicks his wrist into the air……then repeat. What in the world???? It was the funniest thing ever!!!! Actually, it was also a pitiful sight cause this guy has no clue how stupid he looks.

Let’s move on to his lies and cheating ways. He cheated on his ex-wife and when he got caught…..he resorted to attempting suicide and was institutionalized….but it was all a desperate act for attention. He would call his ex-wife and family members and tell them that he was going to jump off a building or walk in front of a car….(and yes, he is still harassing and stalking her too). He found out that his ex-wife got remarried, so he tried to find her brother’s contact information and eventually wrote her a 5-page letter and mailed it to her work. Of course, he had no balls to send it to her house with her new husband. This guy is nothing but a chicken. This guy is all over the internet dating sites, cause it’s easier for him to lie and hide behind a computer. He will give himself tons of bull shit titles and experience….blah blah blah….I highly suggest you run a background check on this guy (this is where I messed up). Due to his insecurities and narcissism….he will always try to dress nice and present well (oh yeah, he has to look up clothing styles and write notes down…on how to dress)….cause yes, he truly is that dorky. I almost forgot to mention…..he has to take a little blue pill to get it up…..yeah, it’s sad.

I would like to explain some of his little lies and games. He will first start as an awesome listener to gather information about you or others. He will then lie and pretend as if he has everything in common with you or anyone else….to develop some rapport and trust. He’ll kiss your ass, buy you stuff, write you romantic cards, blah blah blah. And when he’s out in public…..he must find someone/anyone to talk to. For what????? To hear himself talk. He will visually assess a stranger and then comment or compliment something (usually a watch, clothing, shoes, etc…)….and then the stranger doesn’t show interest in talking but he doesn’t care….he will just ramble on like blah blah blah. yeah, it’s weird. When his insecurities and lies are exposed….he will call you names, point out your flaws and blame everything on you. Then he will turn around and say lies and bad things about you to everyone else. Then when you try to break it off with him….he will cry, beg, send you flowers/cards, etc….and if you give him another chance then his sick abusive cycle continues…..but the next time around, his abuse escalates to violence. He will hit you. I have videos of him hitting me, emails of his pathetic apologies and demands for me to respond….also have tons of voicemails of his nonsense. It’s absolutely insane….and no matter what you do… myself, I moved on and have an awesome boyfriend now. Gabriel doesn’t care….he will still stalk and harass me. He’s a looney.

It is a full-time job trying to deal with this sick guy.