Dewey Ball, Elgin, Illinois

I was once with this “man” for just about 10 years! We’ve a 7 years ancient son together! In that point he cheated on me as a minimum 7 times! I was a total idiot and believed that my love for him would make a difference! It failed to! This last time (the ultimate time) he cheated with his boss’s daughter! She used to be engaged and he used to be regarding her as his little sister but eventually the truth came out! When his inebriated friend let slip that she had long gone on a snowmobiling trip with them while I stayed dwelling taking good care of his son and he lied to my face that she was once not there and he wasn’t even neighbors with her! He’s a narcissistic manipulator who preys on individuals’s love! He has cheated on me for 9 years with everyone from his ex to his boss’s daughter! He lies always and he cares about no one but himself! He has physically, mentally, verbally, and emotionally scarred me! All women beware! He is poison! He has a drug habit and he’s a serial cheater and he is hooked on porn! He cheated on his ex the complete 3 years of their relationship additionally! Please females watch out! And guys preserve him away out of your daughters!!