Luis Valdez Muscatine Iowa

He’s a lying deadbeat POS. Illegal immigrant that can’t get a job and has no life. He gets obsessed with women, stalks them, harasses them and tries to make their life h**l. Loves to throw money (that he gets from drug dealing) at women thinking that will make them stay with his dumba$$

Billie Jean Guinn – Oxford, PA – USA

*Junkie Alert*

Billie Guinn from Oxford, Pennsylvania is all used up from dirty needles and unprotected s*x she has had. This loser has been on drugs for years. Anyone who shoots up and whores her p***y for a fix, as long as she has, is one you need to avoid! As you can tell by her photo, she looks rode hard and put away, diseased.

Billie is a 50 year old hag with a mile-long criminal record. She is a thief, a snitch, a tweaker, and a life-long trouble maker. Billie Guinn is bad luck and bad news! Avoid her at all costs! Trouble and bullshit follow this woman, wherever she goes.

She was arrested a few months ago for receiving stolen goods, from a CVS pharmacy, along with other charges. Years ago, Billie Guinn robbed a Dollar General store and beat up the cashier. She never learns from her mistakes, and always goes back to a life of drugs and committing crimes, once she’s released. She can’t do anything right and she can’t keep out of trouble. Billie Guinn is a career criminal. There is no hope for this loser!

Men, avoid this hag! Some of you sickos out there like getting that back-alley gum job from toothless meth whores, but this is one tweaker you need to avoid! She’ll either rob you, assault you, or will rat you out to the cops. Billie is also known for being a stalker and a psycho ball & chain girlfriend too. Beware!

Billie Guinn has a family. She also has prison as her second home. Let them deal with her! Do yourself a favor and stay the h**l away from this worthless, drug addicted, diseased criminal!

Diego Rea, Tustin California

Deadbeat “parent” aka sperm donor. He has to be garnished to pay for us. We are older teens, who literally have to go to his front door to obtain funds for medication, etc. He avoids, and then pretends to be a victim as if he has done enough for us. He is still upset our mother divorced him, as he suddenly had a substance abuse issue and she was not going to subject us to his problem. He lies. Avoids. And he is fully capable as a plumber to provide for us. We feel the need to discuss this publicly because he is intent on making our lives hard, and has been doing this for years. He never calls to find out if we need anything and pretty much gives us the bare minimum. Probably forced to give us the basics.

For any parent out there that feels it is ok to cheat your kids because you are p****d after years. Just know you are not hurting your ex you are hurting your kids and building a wall between yourself and your children. One day, you will be sorry and feel as though you might have made a better choice. Diego Rea, you have failed us.


This man thinks he is G*d gift to women and he thinks it is okay to use and abuse the women he is with. I was with him for a very long time and we have 2 kids together. One day out of the blue I found out he was seeing other women and meeting them at bars. He decided to leave us and throw us away like garbage. He started seeing another women who had kids. which was a cop out because he decided to replace a great family with another one instead. I just found out that he has abandoned his new family and she is currently 5 months pregnant. I really hope she has a good lawyer because he hasn’t paid his child support in over 2 years and he is using that money to pick up other women. I should add that not only does he like to spread his seed and leave he also likes to share his STD’s he has as well. His name is JOSHUA (JOSH) TILLERY. He travels between Houston Texas, and Tucson Arizona.

Wes B Beitler

He acted like a victim of a bad breakup. He will feed you all his lies & make you feel bad for him. He is a drug addict, he doesn’t want to be sober. His priority is getting drunk; But, if a different drug is available, he will binge on whatever drug is in front of him. He is convinced that his uncle (who touches him inappropriately & wants a 3some with him) can read his thoughts. Basically, can control him like the Professor, from X-men.
Him and his uncle convinced me that he has been treated so badly by women. Told me he was cheated on by all of them, abused, robbed, made to raise a son that is someone else’s, etc.
While I was with him, he was always drunk & would get violent. He would always use the excuse that I was cheating 2 allow him 2 get away with getting abusive, or his horrible actions.
I grew up watching my mother get beat & promised myself, I would not let that happen 2 me. So, I taught myself how to defend myself, against an abusive man. Wes found this out the hard way, he would deny everything, becuz he was drunk. But, would guilt me, becuz he would b bruised from me defending myself.
One night he stabbed me, the police came & I wouldn’t tell them anything. I felt sorry for him, I really believed he was that damaged from his exs. Also, he had a son & I didn’t want him in prison.
He would always procrastinate & whenever he got a job offer, he would never show up. His uncle just enabled him & would talk him out of accepting a job. His uncle instigated 90% of our problems. He told my BF that I was a prostitute, I was cheating on him, etc. I let all of this factor into what I would let him get away with. He would say he wants to sober up, but when he is doing good, his uncle would sabotage everything. His uncle did the same with his other relationships. He got arrested for hitting me in front of some people. He convinced me not to go to court. After being with him & living with him for over a year. He finally got a job, barely gave me over $100, for bills, got into heroin, & left me b4 he got his 2ND paycheck. He ghosted me, told his family that I got him into H, was abusive 2 him, etc. He contacted me back, lied about why he hasn’t contacted me & got back together long enough to get some Xmas gifts. Sorry, this “letter” is all over the place, I am typing this I a phone & I just wanna get this over with. He is a liar, he uses you by taking advantage of you and getting you to feel sorry for him. He has a creepy relationship w*t his uncle. A girl answered his phone one time, which he denies for awhile, until he couldn’t. He gets drunk & let’s gay guys fondle him (found this out at a party). He cares for no one but himself. He is bisexual, hiding from the p**n he watches, etc. He uses being blk out drunk as an excuse to do anything & will deny it, becuz he doesn’t remember. He destroyed al my electronics on night, says it doesn’t matter becuz no bought everything with my debit/credit card. He started hitting me, my brother woke up, he ran off into the metal screen door & split his lip open. Blames me, becuz he doesn’t remember & he is always the victim…

Joseph A. Ciccone Jr. Utica, NY USA

I am here to warn as many women as I can about this “man” who is a bi-polar sociopath who has cheated on every women he has ever been with. To make matters worse, he wants to have children with them and not be responsible for them either financially or emotionally. When he drinks, he is violent and emotionally abusive. He will call you every name in the book and tell you that your are cheating when the reality is, he is probably cheating on you with several other women. He will also try and keep you away from your friends and family to make sure he alienates you from yourself and those who really love you. He is not capable of love and my wish is that no more women and children will be affected by the wake of terror he causes. I will not expose details of our relationship because I am scared of what he could do to me and my family.

When you are first in a relationship with him, you will think he cares and he is genuine, but his behavior quickly turns into hate. Do not be fooled by this thing and do not have a child with him.

Please see these warning signs when he is cheating:
1) Calls you a cheater
2) Texting all the time and puts a lock on phone
3) Stops coming home at night
4) Can’t keep a job
5) Gets moody and non-responsive
6) Violent sexual tendancies
7) Calls you names and blames others for his shortcomings
8) Asks you to have a baby

He is a pig and I urge you to leave and never look back.

Randy Christopher Ruiz, Highland Park, California

Randy Christipher Ruiz of Los Angeles/Highland Park; DOB November 22, 1982. Works often as a security officer at Northwestern Law in Los Angeles where he smokes weed on the job consistently and shows up to work drunk. He has impregnated 3 different women and has
Absolutely nothing to do with his oldest daughter nor the pregnant mother of his 3rd daughter. When he told his family his gf was pregnant on her 12th week, his batshit crazy mother whom Randy repeatedly says he hates and cannot wait until she dies, attacked the girlfriend. Randy immediately stopped wanting to see his pregnant girlfriend, whom he deceived the first night they slept together when she stated she wanted a
Condom to be used and he proceeds to oral s*x and insisting the gal drink and even try to beg her to get high, she found out in the dark how he had put himself inside of her unprotected and later he even laughed about having lied to her about having not e********d inside of her– which ensued to the current pregnancy. At week 12 of pregnancy Randy up and stopped communicating with the pregnant mother of his 3rd child and has no responded to either of her 2 attempts to contact him, yet he fills his Instagram with his happy bullshit of drinking and blaming other people for his problems. He is @rebelrandy22 on Instagram and also goes by @theraider82. He often uses 82 and 22 in his screen names and he is obsessed with the Oakland Raiders. He does not live with “roommates”, he lives directly off of the 5 FWY in a house with him decrepit and evil mother Irma and his older but middle brother whom apparently works for LAPD named Steve, whom has a 6 year old daughter living with him. This brother Steve, regardless of being charged with upholding Justice and Ethics allows his brother Randy to get drunk and stoned, along with their 18 yr old nephew Ray, whom brings all sorts of drugs into that home, where his little
Girl is supposedly better off than with her own mother –and they all protect Randy’s lifestyle over pushing him to be responsible for all the poor fatherless children he is bringing into California’s Los Angeles County, not to mention how many different women he’s deceived and left abandoned with his children.

Michael James Bergin, Poughkeepsie NY

My relationship with Michael progressed very quickly. Within just three months of talking he moved from out-of-state to be with me. He told me he wanted to marry me, have children with me, and have a future with me. I hung onto every word.
Things started to go to s**t just as quickly. One of his “friends” who admitted to being in love with him messaged him one night and they were fighting; she told him she always found it funny that when he and I were first dating, prior to his moving here, he would lay in bed with and make out with her. He denied this, of course.
Within the months we did not live together he constantly hung out with other women, would lie to me about where he was, and upon further searching through his facebook (after the face) I found that he was leading some these girls on and definitely cheating on me with them.
He hit on his sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s friend who is only 17 years old, saying he wanted to spank her and see her a*s.
He was talking to a woman who lived down by his sister in Tennessee, telling her he was obsessed with her, and told her and some other people that he would be moving down there as soon as he had money for a bus ticket. He told people this for nearly a month before I kicked him out; and the whole time he was still sleeping in my bed, telling me he loved me and wanted to work on things.
He spoke to other women CONSTANTLY, and usually inappropriately. He knew this made me uncomfortable and did nothing to resolve the situation.
Before we hooked up I was honest with him and told him that I had previously contracted vaginal Herpes, and he had no issue with that. Turns out he didn’t mind because he has them himself; but he’ll never admit to that.
I also knew from his previous ex that he had Hepatitis C, but he never disclosed that information to me on his own. Realistically, if he doesn’t get it taken care of soon, he will die.
He also told me he was sober from heroin but he relapsed at least four times that I’m sure of while we were together.
He has three children by three different mothers, and currently has nothing to do with any of his children. He refuses to even work on the books because he doesn’t want to have child support taken out of his checks.
His youngest child’s mother was choked and had things thrown at her by him when she was pregnant. I have seen copies of the police reports (which contained testimony from two witnesses), and in them he admits everything to the officers. She currently has a restraining order against him because when things started to go south I messaged her for advice and she warned me about him. I told him some of the things she said and he messaged and threatened both her and her boyfriend.
Michael was adopted by rich people and has been given a free ride his entire life. He is 36 f*****g years old and is going nowhere. He very obviously used me for a roof over his head and food in his belly; this is apparently just what he does. In the six months that I knew him he moved at least 6 times, jumping from place to place to whomever was willing to take care of him and put up with his s**t.
There is much, much more, but please, if you come across Michael James Barnabas Bergin–run. He is an emotional vampire; a sociopath–I gave him everything I could have, without question. I believed every word he said although I was warned by so many people prior to us getting together. He has left me a wreck, and I can assure he will do the same to you.


Christopher Monaghan

Christopher Paul Monaghan (born 12/9/1987) is a scammer, con artist, catfisher, and pathological liar. He will ruin your finances, social life, and family relationships if you let him. Then, once he can fool you no longer he will leave you high and dry to pick up the pieces.

His #1 tactic for luring women in is lying about having wealth or having an imminent windfall. Do not believe anything he says, especially when it comes to money. He will always have an excuse as to why the money is not there or the check didn’t clear.

His modus operandi is putting up a dating profile online, meeting a woman, conning her into letting him stay with her at her house under false pretenses, then draining her finances and leeching off of her until she puts an end to it. Then the cycle starts anew with another unsuspecting woman.

Don’t take my word for it. Do a simple background check, call any and all phone numbers associated with him. Anyone that knows him will tell you the same.

Here’s a real world example:

From Hot Springs Daily

The finance manager of Orr Cadillac located on Central Avenue stated that on May 22, suspect Christopher Monaghan, 26 of Hot Springs, entered the dealership and purchased a red 2013 Jeep Wranger in the amount of $38,500. He wrote a check for the vehicle and took possession of it that day.
On April 8, the complainant learned that Monaghan’s checking account had an insufficient balance to cover the check. When Monaghan was contacted regarding the balance, he stated he would put the money into his account that day. Detective Wacaster spoke with Monaghan by phone on May 14 and was told Monaghan would immediately make arrangements with Orr Cadillac to make sure they received the funds. As of May 16, Monaghan has not deposited the money and is no longer answering phone calls or returning messages. Monaghan was charged with theft of property and assigned a court date for June 24.