Blaque Allen Kuchel

Blaque is married but can be found on multiple dating sites claiming he’s single or divorced. He’s arrogant and a compulsive liar. Claims he earned a purple heart in order to have woman feel sorry for him. Will say he loves you after a few days of meeting him. Will say he wants to spend the rest of his life with you in order to take you to bed and won’t wear condoms. Beware of texting him naked pictures and lastly we he comes meet you get some air fresher as he will stink your place after using the restroom multiple times!

Grant W Tyner, Delray Beach, Fl

Hes a 28 yr old loser and deadbeat dad. He has no education, graduated Boca High with a GED and then went to Tallahassee Community College where he dropped out of. Currently he flips burgers for a living in Coral Gables, Miami. Hes fluent in lies, excuses and bullshit. Every single solidary word that comes out of his mouth is a flat out lie. H**l ask friends for money and will never pay them back. Every single girl hes with is for a specific reason: to make him feel better about his pathetic self. He lived off of me for 2 yrs. He stole money from me. We have young kids together that he hasnt seen in over a yr. He hasnt sent a penny for them either. He begged me to have an abortion bc “his life was going to be over”. He always threatens to kill himself as well. Hes mentally unstable. He makes promises galore and has yet to deliver one. He takes advantage of EVERYONE! His p***s doesnt even work, he has STD Herpes on it. He thinks girls die for him. His friends laugh behind his back. Hes the biggest joke and the sickest person Ive ever came encounter with. My heart breaks every single day for my kids though bc they dont deserve a sperm donor like him. They deserve so much better. If you know him Id suggest running as fast as you can unless you want to be played big time. If he has $100 in his name, thats a lot!!

Jamie Fuller Omaha, NE

Jamie is a habitual liar. He acts like he has money and a job but he really is unemployed and his mother pays his rent. He will give this hero story about being a single father but his child actually lives with his mother. On top of all this he makes sure to have women lined up because he knows they will eventually find out the truth about him

Terr E Rasha Jr, KilleenTX and Highland Park, CA

Terry is one of the worst men around. He was kicked out of the Army, He meets you and acts very sweet and kind. His story is that he’s tired of the single life and wants a relationship and family so he can bring his son to live with him and so he can pursue his dream of being in Law Enforcement. He comes on strong and acts like he can’tive without you.ike you are The One! Showers you with attention and little by little starts controlling you. He is crazy jealous and gets super enraged at the slightest provocation.
What he is is a married man who beats his girlfriends.
And wife. HPV positive,with active warts and infects the woman he sleeps with no remorse, he thinks it’s funny. He has never paid one dime in child support. Or spousal support. He is addicted to s*x, watches rape p**n and tranny p**n. Needs it!! He once even had s*x with half and a 9 inch d***o that suctioned to the tub. He did a**l on himself and said he even hit his G spot.
He will lie till the end and even swear on his kids life! He uses women, is in serious debt, and doesn’t care about any one but himself. He goes as far as takiing you to meet his family.
He is a complete sociopath devoid of any human feelings or guilt. He believes himself above the law
He feels justified in lying to women as a means to an end. Women are ” P***y with no face”
He causes so much damage, he’s 30 years old s d owns nothing but the clothes on his back and tattoos.
Stay away!! Disease infected and woman beater. Father is a convicted s*x offender.
Be careful!

Michael James Bergin, Poughkeepsie NY

My relationship with Michael progressed very quickly. Within just three months of talking he moved from out-of-state to be with me. He told me he wanted to marry me, have children with me, and have a future with me. I hung onto every word.
Things started to go to s**t just as quickly. One of his “friends” who admitted to being in love with him messaged him one night and they were fighting; she told him she always found it funny that when he and I were first dating, prior to his moving here, he would lay in bed with and make out with her. He denied this, of course.
Within the months we did not live together he constantly hung out with other women, would lie to me about where he was, and upon further searching through his facebook (after the face) I found that he was leading some these girls on and definitely cheating on me with them.
He hit on his sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s friend who is only 17 years old, saying he wanted to spank her and see her a*s.
He was talking to a woman who lived down by his sister in Tennessee, telling her he was obsessed with her, and told her and some other people that he would be moving down there as soon as he had money for a bus ticket. He told people this for nearly a month before I kicked him out; and the whole time he was still sleeping in my bed, telling me he loved me and wanted to work on things.
He spoke to other women CONSTANTLY, and usually inappropriately. He knew this made me uncomfortable and did nothing to resolve the situation.
Before we hooked up I was honest with him and told him that I had previously contracted vaginal Herpes, and he had no issue with that. Turns out he didn’t mind because he has them himself; but he’ll never admit to that.
I also knew from his previous ex that he had Hepatitis C, but he never disclosed that information to me on his own. Realistically, if he doesn’t get it taken care of soon, he will die.
He also told me he was sober from heroin but he relapsed at least four times that I’m sure of while we were together.
He has three children by three different mothers, and currently has nothing to do with any of his children. He refuses to even work on the books because he doesn’t want to have child support taken out of his checks.
His youngest child’s mother was choked and had things thrown at her by him when she was pregnant. I have seen copies of the police reports (which contained testimony from two witnesses), and in them he admits everything to the officers. She currently has a restraining order against him because when things started to go south I messaged her for advice and she warned me about him. I told him some of the things she said and he messaged and threatened both her and her boyfriend.
Michael was adopted by rich people and has been given a free ride his entire life. He is 36 f*****g years old and is going nowhere. He very obviously used me for a roof over his head and food in his belly; this is apparently just what he does. In the six months that I knew him he moved at least 6 times, jumping from place to place to whomever was willing to take care of him and put up with his s**t.
There is much, much more, but please, if you come across Michael James Barnabas Bergin–run. He is an emotional vampire; a sociopath–I gave him everything I could have, without question. I believed every word he said although I was warned by so many people prior to us getting together. He has left me a wreck, and I can assure he will do the same to you.


Johnny Dean Negretti, San Diego, California

Cheater to the max! Beyond any person I have ever experienced. Lives double, triple, quadruple lives with “girlfriends” online and all over. Serial online dater. BEWARE has HPV and other STDs!!!!!!!! comes off as a very sweet, lovable fun guy BEWARE! He is full of stories of his alleged hard, abusive upbringing but these are ploys to get you to feel sorry for him. He will also claim to be a loving and excellent father to his infant daughter but is a DEADBEAT DAD. Spending money on his philandering ways and numerous online sexual relationships instead of providing the BARE NEEDS for his child. If you run into this guy RUN AWAY FAST!!!! He is an excellent manipulator and smooth talker. AND he is persistent!! Which makes you think he cares BUT HE IS JUST USING YOU AND TRYING TO FEEL IN CONTROL BY SWAYING YOU!!!!!!!!!