Katharina Ann Sumner, Dayton, Ohio

Well to most this will seem like an angry husband (well ex she divorced me 3 days after our anniversary and 4 days before Christmas) Well here is the story i started working 12hour days including traveling id be out the house for close to 14hours a day in this time she started playing an online game and met a young guy ,young enough to be her son and started an affair an affair that was going on for months before i got wind of it and disowned her now after talking with mutual friends i found out she been cheating with some guy or another all through our relationship and in her own words to 1 of our mutual friends who sided with me. She doesnt have men she has sex toys. so i guess i was nothing more than a piece of lego to her. The woman has nothing but ice running through her veins ,i should have mentioned prior i left Scotland and moved to Ohio,USA to be with her and gave up everything including my family,friends and my beautiful niece,It maybe sounds crazy but i still love her to this second but never will i take her back ,i just want to expose her for what she is and wish for my own sake she vanishes from my head and the tattoo artist makes a good job of my cover up job i need on my arm that she so insisted i got on my arm (pic included) .. Thats my story sad but true,thank you

Dewayne Mowen, Dayton, Ohio – Compulsive Liar and Cheater

Dewayne Mowen searches internet dating sites and Facebook for woman to date for sex and what ever he fancies. He told me I was the only person he was dating and found out he was dating several other woman one was Judy Mays and the other was Sharon Bowell. I broke it off last time when I caught him. A total stranger approached me and told me that Dewayne had been sleeping with his ex and Judy Mays sister Sabrina Mays “Brooks”. who had a STD. He is a poor excuse for a man. a real low life. He is out for his self and to Hell with everyone else. He says he is a Christian and attends church regular, not so. He has no penis, bad lover, out for his self and cant perform in the bedroom. I can kick myself for getting involved with this loser. He is a compulsive liar and cheater. Never waste your time visiting sites like hodgesautorepair.com. Dewayne works at Hodge’s Auto and he steals out of peoples cars and trucks, He stole ipod touch from this man car he was working on, he told me this and all his stories. He even told me how he nigger rigged cars and made lot of money from it and Hodge’s Auto would charge full price to there customer for nigger rigged work.

Hodge’s Auto
501 S Broadway St.
Trotwood, OH 45426

Michelle Flynn, Dayton, Ohio – Genital Herpes

I don’t have too many bad things to say about this girl other than the fact that she infected me with genital warts, I was this girls manager at KC marketing and I used to make her give me head between shifts and fuck her 3 times doggy style. She never complained and always came back for more. I just found out that I am infected with genital warts from Michelle Flynn. You fuck with this chick get your junk checked. She Has Herpes Hpv STDS and will not tell you either. I received Hpv STDS and she claimed to be a virgin. This chick has one stinky ass and pussy… unbearable!