Davis Williams, Alabama

Davis Williams, run away from this guy if you meet him. Once i called him friend, Davis Williams is a thief liar cheater and wanna be drug dealer, he beats his wife, he cheats on anyone he is with and boasts about it just as he has boasted about beating his wife and leaving basball size welts on her face, he will do any drugs he can get his hands on, uses his “friends” then when things dont go how he wants will threaten to kill and flash his pistols, he is a drunk that cant hold his alcohol and gets extremly volient, he has no respect for anyone treats his father and sisters like s***, while he was cheating on his wife he held a loaded gun to his girlfriends head and cocked it because he and his GF got into an argument, he is a deadbeat dad, tries to get pitbulls to fight he is selfish and at the age of 29 still thinks hes some big time street thug, loves to flash gang hand signals and thinks its cool that he knows them tho im sure real gangsters would cap his wanna be thug self in a heartbeat, be ware of this short violent abusive thief he will rob u any second he gets, he doesnt even have a problem beating his own children or shooting meth infront of them. He would drink up his wifes earnings and refuses to get a job and be a man he only wants hand outs then wines about how everyone else is at fault he will only manipulate others to benefit himself