Dave M Clark, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

David Michael Clark, age 50, truck driver in northeast Ohio for a grocery store chain. Email: life8650@yahoo.com from Tallmadge Ohio and lives in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I had a relationship several years ago with this truck driver in Ohio. We got along so well for the first 6 months then later I found he has a horrible drinking problem, found a collection sado-masochistic p*********y and found he was paying truck stop prostitutes for ‘humiliation s*x.” When I brought it to his attention, he became violent, got drunk and insisted I was making it all up and ‘gaslighting’ him. Some psychological term. Eventually he admitted it. He could not obtain an erection like normal men so I guess he got into this sadomasochistic p**n and prostitutes to help him. I don’t know, it’s bizarre and I have no part in that insanity. The more defensive he became, the more he spoke in circles repeatedly. There is some type of mental disturbance that he needs serious help for. I had to call the police just to get out of there, he would not let me leave. I got a restraining order and moved to Las Vegas and started a new life. He tried to find me for years, sending emails. I recently found out he had a 7 week relationship with someone not long ago and she got out as soon as she could, as well. She was afraid for her safety, got out and stayed with a friend but apparently he stalked her. So she did what i had to, moved a thousand miles away and now he cyber stalks her. I wonder if there are more ladies who have been fooled by this bizarre, paranoid, violent and often dissociative huge slob. He is a heavy drinker, he’s mentally ill, he’s grossly obese and addicted to p**n. He’ll stalk you and try to trash talk you to your friends. He’s very close to his mommy though, she coddles him, makes him supper every night, he is an only child and she treats him like a child. Like something out of a movie. He might have a form of retardation because his maturity level is around 8 years old sadly. He creates scenarios in his head then blames peope for things he thought up in crazy thoughts It’s embarrassing and scary. No one really wants to hang out with him except his mom. He is so much fun at first and you kind of think well, he is so much fun I guess I can disregard his 6 foot height and 350 pound body. Eventually you just wake up. He doesn’t have many friends, maybe 2, who take him under their wings. They feel sorry for him. His house was filthy and smells like urine. His hygiene is terrible. Do yourself a favor, consider yourself warned. Props to Carolyn for helping with the photos. If you start a relationship then get out for your life? He will trash talk you on every site, to every person he can thinking he’s getting revenge. But he sinks himself further into shame and proves his juvenile maturity. He’s vicious and cruel.