Maleah McCommon. Dallas, TX USA

Scum and Trash of Dallas

This poor, uneducated girl from Longview, TX came to Dallas to start a new life but has failed miserably. After failing cosmetology school she just stayed in the restaurant industry. For the reason, she could sleep and do anything with the customers and co-workers for money to support her cocaine and marijuana addiction. It doesn’t matter what your looks are she will sleep with you just for your money and gains. She would also steal from her previous job on a weekly basis. She is now homeless, lives off the government, and begs for money just so that she can continue her drug habits. She has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and is bipolar. She also has sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Her parents (Doug and Kathy Hawkins McCommon) are no different. They are lazy, uneducated, unemployed (out of their own choice), and alcoholics. They have no shame begging others for money. They created go fund me pages hoping people would donate for their cause…laziness and drug habits. Her mom used to be in a cult and practices witchcraft. Her dad didn’t care for the family therefore, it explains why Maleah has daddy issues.

Dallas beware, Maleah would f to get ahead in life. The only thing she is good at is giving blow jobs. She doesn’t have much going for her.