Frank Esposito. Toms River. New Jersey USA

Beware of this filth. He is a homewrecker who deserves whatever he gets! He preys on women manipulates and controls all aspects of their life. Extremely spiteful scumbag. Don’t believe anything this piece of shit says, he’s attempted to wreck several homes. He’s in the medical field, all nurses and staff need to beware. Your home could be next. Walk away!!!!

David D Jones, San Antonio Tx, Richmond Va, Cleveland and Cincinnati Oh, Colorado, Key West Fl, Woodlands Tx, Los Angles Ca, San Fran Ca, Key West Fl, and several other States

dob 9/18/57-58
brown/gray hair
blue eyes
big-ass round head he thinks is all brains
believes his own lies

Attorney who hasn’t realized he’s a 60 year old, at least 50lbs overweight, game playing, sick perv. He gets away with batting his blue eyes and flirting, making you feel special. Ladies- it’s all a game he running on you. Don’t be fooled into thinking he gives a crap about anything but himself. He loves women/girls that are too young for his old ass, and likely under age–it’s sick and twisted the amount of time he wastes looking at barely legal girls. He is a pathological liar, a narcissist, who has no boundaries OR MORALS. Psychologically he is dangerously controlling, will lie (and does) to everyone including his own family about anything and nothing, and is only concerned with playing the victim/martyr role. He can turn on the waterworks in an instant, turn every issue into your fault, and somehow, his screw-ups are all your fault. You will be blamed for everything that he does wrong, everything he doesn’t want to take responsibility for, every lie he tells. He cheated with me while he was married–I know I know, but I believed his story about how terrible his home life was, he was getting divorced, he was just waiting for the right time (he did get divorced btw then screwed me over when he got back together with the ex, then cheated on her again!) He favors married women since they have more to lose if they are found out, and only preys on the married women he works around and the ones he gets to know while traveling, i.e. airport bars, local eateries, coffee shops, etc. He travels a great deal, therefor Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Ohio (loves him some Ohio athletic chic). He often goes back for a second round with some of the married women. I guess it makes him feel powerful bedding another mans wife repeatedly, for years. He single handedly destroyed his family, trashed every ex he had by lying about how terrible they were as a person, pretends to have the ability to feel compassion and empathy, and will throw you under a bus to protect himself and who ever he is sleeping with at the time. For a guy who needs to bed other mens wives, he sure is a chicken s*** when it comes to standing up and taking responsibility, telling the truth, doing the right thing by anyone except himself.
As much as I hate to admit it, I feel terrible for his last (3rd or 4th) Ex- she hasn’t a clue how much he screwed around and lied to her every time he left town and often when he was home, in their own house, texting, emailing etc. He likes the excitement of living dangerously. One day, I hope some husband (hear me Mr Richmond VA?) destroys his reputation, his ego, his long term MO of cheating and backstabbing ways, and shows the world just how insecure and harmful this fat, lying sack of cheating crap, actually is by publicly humiliating and destroying him. He deserves whatever crap he has coming and then some. I long for the day several of us ladies confront him together and ruin his game playing cruel ways. Let’s see him lie his way out of that. He’s a POS
So yeah- ladies don’t be made a fool of by falling for his b.s and men–HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, HE WANTS WHAT YOU HAVE–watch your female partners and DAUGHTERS. For a fat old guy, he loves young and very athletic female bodies and their daughters. This is just the tip of the iceberg people–YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Matt Morley, Matthew Morley, Simon Morley, Simon Price

LAST UPDATED: 12/15:Beware: I knew him as Matthew Aaron Morley, but he has also used the names CJ (Connor James) Price, Simon Connor Eli Price, perhaps even the last name Webster. Price is his mothers last name. Simon is his brother.
((please feel free to share publically))

We dated for two years, While we were together he was a manipulative controlling person who tried to keep me from talking to others about him, He ran my credit cards up, maxed them out. When I ran out of credit, he ran out on me. I came home from work one day and he was gone. So was the computer, my credit cards, all the money in the bank, most of the food and even the money in the piggy banks. He drove away in the car I am still paying for paying for and bought gas with the credit cards he stole. He left me with massive debt, no money, and rent due.

He does not get any job or living space that requires a background check, he works mostly in marketing job…used cars, RV’s, telemarketing, he tries to work under the table. He loves fishing, either floating in a tube or steelhead, and touts himself as a writer. He loves to talk about himself and will tell you exactly what you should see in him. He also has a felony conviction for beating a man with a hammer.

He is a user and a con man. He has done this before me, and will do it again. He is evil to the core. He only cares about himself.

He may be in Idaho, Washington, or Montana. He has also talked of going to Colorado.

EDIT UPDATE: he was last seen in Colorado. (as of dec ’14)
EDIT UPDATE: 12/26/15 he was arrested in colorado in august and fled, there is a $15,000 bond out on his head. he was last seen in AZ.

If you are just meeting him, if you googled his name to see who he is, walk away now.

This was posted by another woman who has also been left in this snakes wake:

MontanaMorleyVictim / December 8, 2013
I was also one of this whacko’s victims in Montana in 1998. He lived in the Missoula, MT for about 1 year. This, after he ran away from the Whitefish, MT area prior to. He had some story about being a published writer and house sitting for a wealthy woman up there until he had an issue with her (or her husband, I can’t remember). I initially knew him as CJ (Connor James) Price. He claimed his published pen name was some version of Simon Connor Eli Price. Price appears to be his mother’s last name too. He stole his brother Simon’s Identity. He told me a very sad story indeed. Apparently his brother had died and that is why he didn’t feel so bad about using his ID. However, when I was requested to travel to Spokane Washington to identify “CJ” in jail in about 2000, it was his not-so-dead brother Simon (who was also well known to Washington Law Enforcement). Simon was being held in jail on charges that “CJ” created while using Simon’s ID. This is what I knew about him while he was in MT: • Birthday given was 8.24.72 (his brothers) • Actual birthday is 6.12.68 • Social Security Number 544-76-8320 • He grew up in the Willamette Valley in Oregon • First wife was Kelly, married in Washington State. • Has at least 2 daughters but I’m not sure of mother’s. May be Kelly or Becky. He was served Child support papers while living in Montana. • Becky was the girlfriend he supposedly defended and nearly killed a man with a hammer. • He signed his letters “The fool who knows” • Jobs included; o RV Sales o Furniture Sales o House sitting o Freelance writing o He will find some way to work under the table and not pay taxes on his income. • He sub-leases or moves in with others in order to not have back-ground checks and a paper trial. • He will not have utilities in his name for the same reason • He drives other people’s vehicles or buys only cheap POS vehicles that can be paid for with cash. • He is passionate about fishing; specifically large steelhead. He often talked about moving to Colorado, but I do not know if he did.
We dated approximately 6 months; from the spring of 98 to November 98. He did not move in with me and my children, but he was at our apartment A LOT. As he slithered out of town, he broke into my apartment 1 last time to leave me a note and take some food. He never took money from me but I suppose I did pay for a lot of stuff. He always had a job in the time I knew him.
He wrote checks using his brother’s or other’s identity. This enabled him to tune up his POS jeep and get new tires before he made his great escape. He had reassured me he was going to Spokane to turn himself for the assault charge (that he later was convicted of and served prison time for). He did not turn himself in and was later found in the Tacoma WA area.
He is a con-man to the core. I promised him in November of 1998 that if he does not turn himself in (for the assault) that I will make sure I find him someday and Need turn him in so he does pay for what he To Report Your Ex? ’s done. He has served his time for that crime but he clearly needs to be stopped from creating other victim’s in his wake. On December 29th 2011, working with Missoula MT law enforcement, a bench warrant was issued for him. I will continue to spend a few minutes each year looking for that 

Mike Bellamy, Little River, South Carolina

Falls in love with you fast. Sweeps you off your feet. Wants to be with you every minute. Defends you when other guys flirt with you. Shows up at your work. Buys you gifts. Wants to have sex all day long. First few weeks he reels you in before you know it you are in love. That’s when the crazy comes out. Hes an alcoholic. Didn’t realize until I been with him 2 years that he was addicted to Zanax pain killers. He has what I call episodes when he is just crazy. Completely out of it, bends forks, spoons tears menus up at restaurants. Says inappropriate things to strangers, takes drinks from people he doesn’t know chugs them. Eats food off of strangers plates.Banned from bars in the area. Stays up days at a time. Hires hookers. Wants to talk to you for hours at a time. Tells the same stories over over. Drinks for days at a time. All day night. While talking w/you, Hell have his mom on line secretly listening. Talks to her for hours a day. Strange relationship With her. Social disorders. Addictive personality. Addicted to the band U2. Gets mad acts like a child. Goes days without bathing when hes on a bender. His home smells of urine and shit because he urinates all threw the house. He doesn’t remember things he does. He lies forgets the lie.It changes often. Tries to make you think your the crazy one. Its called gas lighting He separates you from friends and family. Its called splitting Tells you lies about them to keep you away. Wants you all to himself to completely control you. Catch him cheating, blames it on you, the alcohol. He loves to pay for whores to have sex with him…Only concerned with himself. Will turn everything on you that he is actually guilty of. Filed a false police report on me. I now have a restraining order on him. Hes evil to the core. He uses religion against you acts like he is a strong christian man. Turns people against you with lies. Left me and my children in the Bahamas after accusing me of flirting. He is the devil. Thought I could help him. Was wrong. With him for 6 years before I became afraid of him. He is going downhill fast. The photos will show the weight gain. I’m afraid for his life. he cant live much longer with what he does. His liver cant take much more. Hes never been married now you know why. He is bad. Most sinful person I’ve ever known. Says everything right to get you in his trap. Then the crazy starts. He acts like it didn’t happen,you take him back.Over over. Don’t waste years like I did thinking he would change.