Lee Anthony McHugh, Miami, Fl, FOr Lauderdale ,FL, Palm Beach , FL,Hoboken NJ,New York, New York,Los Angeles, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Essex, UK, Liverpool, UK,London, UK

This man is an Internet Predator and Narcissist from Liverpoole, England ( go back please!) career car salesman aka Professional Liar, sell Rolls Royces and other fancy cars he neither owns nor can afford and the fact that he is British to lure the easily impressed low class naive African american and Hispanic young girls he has a sexual fetish for, also any other woman he can hook on Facebook and the multiple dating hook up site he is on to get fresh supply/new victims. He is on every dating site from Millionaire Match(ha) to , I love your accent, ashley madison ( while he was married),adult friend finder, tinder, plenty of fish,match.com and he uses different aliases, lies about his name and where he is currently living ( since he moves around alot as most con artists do). Tries to position himself a nice “single dad” looking for a serious realtionship when was in fact a married womanizer( blatantly lied on his profile and said he was divorced and then when he was caught lying said his wife whom he married /conned just to get US Citzenship told him it was okay to lie so he could get laid)anyway after he she had his lovechild he decides to get divorces since he got the green card he wanted. He also has a grown son in the UK from a teen pregnancy that he never even mentioned (since he ran away to the US to avoid being responsible for and another man raised) now his current little boy is being rised by another man a well- what a selfish loser. anyway this man is not looking for any relationship other than cheap sex and fuck buddies with as many black and latino women as possible. He will use perks form his job selling ego wagons such as free tickets to fancy work parties to lure women_ he will take you to a party he doesnt have to pay for one time to impress you then try and put you in his little harem of Facebook groupies, he also has women fly out to visit him ( on their expense of course) for their birthday or some other lame excuse then offer them to stay at his place so he can get them drunk and fuck them with his small penis and he will take them to a few c and d list trendy bars and clubs to further impress and seduce them into thinking they have some kind of special realtionship when they are no more that this weeks fuck toy and ego boost . he will keep up a fake text and facebook relationship to string them along forever… if you call him out on his bull shit and refuse to kiss his ass or tell the truth about him he becomes abusive, cruel etc, block you,tell his other guppies not to talk to you and , does gaslighting, says your crazy as he is truly emotionally dead and ony interested in serving and feeding his ego. also a sex addict, alcoholic and takes trip to third world countires liek Columbia, dominican repulic , curacao etc to have sex with poor black and latin women who have to sell themselves to survive. No wonder he is a carrier spreader of HPV which is not protected by condom from all the african crackwhores and sluts he fucks. This man is a disgusting lying selfish cold fucked up British Pig in a suit- he can threaten all he wants _ i will no longer keep his secrets for him. If he does not want the truth told about him he should not think he can use, abuse and treat black and latin women like cheap pieces of disposible ass and get away with it. you fuced with thee wrong bitch this time liverpool loser!

Dustin James Dahir Aurora Colorado USA

This man conned me into a relationship when I was perfectly happy being single. He even told me he would make up reasons to email me at work. After chatting online through work, I added him as a Facebook friend. Things got a little more serious after that and he asked for my number. Once we started talking via text message it got really serious. Soon we were talking on the phone whenever possible. He told me how amazing I was and how he wanted to marry me. I was going through a divorce and he was divorced. So after talking on the phone for a month or so, I decided to go visit him. He was so excited that he said he loved me and wanted to marry me. I was never dishonest about my looks and sent him pics. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Anyway, I spent alot of money to fly to Aurora Colorado to see him and spend a few days together. I guess he couldn’t quite comprehend the word nervous, which is what I was. He all of a sudden (after a night of mostly pleasing him, I got NO satisfaction) told me I wasn’t fun. He also had the next day off but all of a sudden had to go to work. He left me alone in his dirty condo all day. So I cleaned it because it was awful. Then he told me I would be spending Saturday alone because his son had an early morning game. Another lie since my flight wasn’t until 6pm. We were supposed to spend every moment together. He was so cheap he said he would pay to help me go back home early but never paid me. He still owes me $125 for booking an earlier flight. I’m not the first woman he’s done this to. He said he slept with a woman in November and immediately told her it was a mistake. He said he never heard from her again. Gee, I wonder why. Ladies, Don’t fall for his lame flirting. Don’t listen when he tells you how amazing he is or how big his penis it. He’s a huge jerk and has no remorse for what he did. He will like to get you to visit him and toss you away for no reason. He’s for sure afraid of commitment.

Chris Dylan Sprague Elk Grove CA US

This man just got out of jail for check fraud and is on the hunt for his next victim. He goes by Chris Sprague, Chris Dylan or Christopher Dylan Sprague. He is 45 years old. He is in Elk Grove now and on Plenty of Fish and Craigslist looking for women to con. He does not have a job or any money. His license is suspended and he has many legal issues along with multiple restraining orders from previous girlfriends. He will tell you he has 2 daughters and he’s does, but he has not seen them in 6+ years. He claims his 2 daughters are in college and that he is broke because he is paying for said college. Those girls are real but they belong to his most recent ex-girlfriend. He owes over $50,000 in back child support and he has not intention of paying. EVERY word out of his mouth is a lie. He literally never tells the truth even when he is caught in the act. He is a very good liar and will tell you everything you want to hear. He is a con artist, a sociopath and probably a psychopath along with a narcissist and sex addict. WARNING – say far away from this man!

Anthony Robert Barlow

Mentally and emotionally abusive. Deflection and spin artist.
Ex drug history and criminal record. Lies like there is no tomorrow. Cheats constantly.
Fake and charming to get what he wants. Dead beat and freeloader.
Steals money from woman and owes me 5 figures.
Bankrupted me. Has threatened me.
Continues to try to get back in my life, while constantly lying and cheating.
Doesn’t pay his way.
Pathological narcissis and hystrionic.
Fake hair and lies about his age and past.
Con Artist.
Beware…….I have also had a restraining order.

Anthony Robert Barlow

Mentally and emotionally abusive. Deflection and spin artist.
Ex drug history and criminal record. Lies like there is no tomorrow. Cheats constantly.
Fake and charming to get what he wants. Dead beat and freeloader.
Steals money from woman and owes me 5 figures.
Bankrupted me. Has threatened me.
Continues to try to get back in my life, while constantly lying and cheating.
Doesn’t pay his way.
Pathological narcissis and hystrionic.
Fake hair and lies about his age and past.
Con Artist.
Beware…….I have also had a restraining order.

Alex Scott Wright, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Six years ago, I was in an abusive relationship with a guy who sexually and physically abused me. I began talking to Alex on Facebook- we had gone to the same high school but had never met in person. He convinced me to break up with my abuser. I did, and right after I did so, he posted on Facebook that we were in a relationship. I accepted his relationship request, and only in retrospect did I think was odd that he asked someone he never met to be his girlfriend.

After we did meet in person, he spent most of his free time with me. The first few months were great, although he got irritated easily and would sometimes randomly ignore me for a couple days in a row.

Then he asked my dad if we could marry as I neared my college graduation. I later found out that my dad said we could, as long as we could afford the wedding and living together afterward. I guess Alex took this as meaning that my dad didn’t like him. My dad simply doesn’t like lowlifes who use him (and his daughter) as a meal ticket- sorry.

A week before his birthday, my parents took Alex and I to dinner and paid for it. Alex spent the whole time texting a girl he’d met at a party a couple weeks before- mind you, he hadn’t invited me this party, and spent the whole night sending me antagonistic, drunken, cruel texts.

The night before his birthday, he took me to a movie and then hugged me tightly afterward. I thought everything was great and I would see him the next day. But I didn’t. He ignored my texts until I saw a Facebook post that he was out partying with the girl he’d cheated on me with.

A few days later, he posted that him and her were officially together on Facebook. I deleted my Facebook out of anger and heartbreak. A couple weeks later, I suddenly got a text from him saying he was sorry for what he did. He suggested we go see the new Twilight movie together. I bought the tickets, and a couple weeks later, we spent a whole Sunday together shopping, eating, giggling, holding hands, and then finally seeing the Twilight movie. After he dropped me off at home (he refused to come inside and say hi to my parents- I should have seen this as another red flag), I logged onto my laptop and found that just 18 hours before he’d updated his Facebook profile picture to a snapshot of her kissing him on his neck. He said in the comments that she was his girlfriend. I called him and confronted him; he said they were just friends- um, hello? You emphatically said ‘girlfriend’ on Facebook just a few hours before!

Another couple weeks went by and it looked like they had returned to being just friends, so I went on a few more dates with Alex. I would later find out he was stringing us both along. He ended up choosing her because her family was more likely to take care of him financially. My parents want nothing to do with manipulative bums.

Alex Scott Wright is a liar, cheater, and con artist.

Devon Glaze, Washington DC , Northern Virginia, Maryland

This guy goes by Devon Glaze on dating websites, but his real name is Trevor Thornton. Please be forewarned. Google his name and you will find out all of the info needed. He is now running his scheme again in the metro DC area. Please be careful.

Nik Belcevich West Hollywood, CA

Nik Belcevich is a con artist and a malignant narcissistic sociopath. I wrote an article about him on this site back in July stating that he apologized for all the hurt and pain he caused me. Do you know the very next day he wrote something horrible about me online??? Who apologizes to someone and does something horrible to them the very next day? A psychopath that’s who! This monster is evil and he has no empathy for others. He doesn’t even care about his own family and friends, he will allow them to get hurt, just to save his own ass!!! Narcissistic sociopaths are evil, hateful people who don’t have the ability to love others, that’s why he targets good people like me. Ladies please run for your life if you ever run into this sociopath. He’s done so many horrible things to me and others. He is harassing me to this day, even though he knows I want nothing to do with him. He fools everyone he knows by putting on a front, making his friends think he’s a great guy, but he’s not. I just want to warn everyone about him, don’t want anyone to go through the hell I’ve had to go through. I want the world to know his apology was fake and he really is Satan in human form…

Jonathan Bergueiro, Jonny Bravo, Jay Bravo, Jay Marvel, Tony Tocox, San Diego, CA, Tampa, FL, Spokane, WA, Austin, TX, NY, NY United States of America

Jonathan Jose Bergueiro has multiple aliases:
First Names: Jonathan, Jon, John, Jonny, Jay, J, Tony, Javi
Middle Names: Jose, Joseph
Last Names: Bergueiro, Berg, Bravo, Blasiyh, Krieger, Marval, Tocox, Marvel
Hobbies: Plasma donation, Billards (APA), jet skiing, adventure sports, cooking, fine dining, EDM, club promotions, talking about his celebrity connections, travel a.k.a. running from the law
Multiple court cases against him.
Infinity tattoo on the back of his neck with a 4 and a 1 inside of it. Also, a hazard tattoo on his right bicep. Has both ears pierced and wears gauge ear rings. LOVES to wear bright colors.
Businesses: Presidential Capital Group LLC (2010) and Think Entertainment Inc (2006) – Look up Luis Ferria on FBI’s top ten most wanted list as he said they worked in commodities at the same time in the same area.
He claims to be a commodities broker but he is NOT licensed and is running a scam. He is a cheater but does not feel he is cheating because he is just running another con. No one is a person to him. Every “person” is just an opportunity for him to steal more money.
He says he is Italian but he is NOT. He mother, Rosa, was born in Cuba, He may be Gypsy. He may claim to have mafia connections to scare his victims into not reporting him but he is not part of the family.
He runs multiple scams but his most profitable scam is dating women to steal their money. If you’re dating him call the police and RUN! He has stolen something from you and has pawned it for cash. He preys on people’s kindness and love in order to get into their homes and hearts. Once he has your trust he will take whatever he can from you with no regret. He has no conscience. He displays every characteristic of a true sociopath.
He smiles readily and is the life of the party. He is loud and will be your best friend in an instant. He’ll probably use the phrase, “I know a guy.” He may claim he’s from New York or that he lived in Argentina. He isn’t and he didn’t.
He did get paid to marry a women from Argentina in 2002, so she could get her green card. He cheated on her repeated. He even moved to Philadelphia to be with his girlfriend, whom he also cheated on. He then moved back to Miami, FL and when his girlfriend from Philly would call he’d have friends pick up his phone and have them pretend he didn’t know her. Did I mention the financial debt he left her and her best friend in?
In 2006/2007 he became engaged to a new girl. He divorced his wife, while pregnant, in 2007. From 2008-2010 he worked for a commodities company and then started his own. According to him, he got into some federal trouble and while he didn’t “go away” 2 of his associates did.
He was with his soon to be wife until 2011 or 2012. When his soon to be mother in law passed away unexpectedly, at the age of 64, it was discovered he had stolen her life savings. He also stole his wife’s to be jewelry, money and left her to declare bankruptcy.
In November of 2012, he stole from his friend that he was housesitting for. He tried to lie and say the house was broken into. The friend did some research and found his stolen property at the local pawnshops. He headed across the states defrauded anyone he could along the way. He had a girl setting up a place for him in San Diego. While she remained faithful along with his memorial site scams, personal assistant for hire, investment opportunities, federal trading fraud and other scams he still found time to cheat on her along the way.
He arrived in California and in 2013 she broke up with him. He got a new girlfriend and cheated on her as well. He married and defrauded another women and stole tens of thousands of dollars from her. You can google him and look him up. He is not a kind or good person. He is a good con artist. He is a great criminal and you should call your local authorities NOW! Chances are there may be a warrant out for him. If there isn’t check your jewelry boxes, your cell phone and your credit cards then report the theft to the police ASAP! PRESS CHARGES! Stop his lying, his cheating and his criminal activity!

Beckie Machusak

Rebecca Machusak is a manipulative, conniving home-wrecker. She’s slept with multiple people over the past year, including seducing a co-worker but manipulating him and threatening his job when he wanted to end it. She has repeatedly lied to her husband, and continues to sleep around. Loves to talk to her coworkers about her exploitations, and then is shocked when they talk about what’s going on without her. She likes play the victim relentlessly and if you challenge her on it, she will go ballistic and try to make false allegations against you. She lied to her superiors repeatedly in order to avoid losing her job. She has a preference for law enforcement types. Loves to go out and party frequently, instead of trying to tend to her marriage and her 2 toddlers.

Linda Lusk, Prosser, Washington, United States

Linda Lusk of Prosser, Washington is to be considered officially as a forever condemned racist individual and a forever condemned racist woman whose racism and whose prejudice happens to be against males who are African-American especially when it comes to having serious relationship purposes or intentions with these males because she views these males as being inferior and below her Caucasian or white race.

This is all done out of racial hate and racial spitefulness against these African-American males. However the interesting thing to note is that in her choosing of Caucasian males only to be in a relationship with she has gotten into serious trouble and serious problems with them which could have possibly been avoided had she been more open minded towards other races namely those males who happen to be African-American in particular.

Linda Lusk as well as her racial hatred and her racial prejudice must be completely condemned and Linda Lusk must be completely rebuked for the evil practices of racism and racial bigotry that she has indeed practiced and done.

In addition, it is to be noted that according to ABC News Linda Lusk was and I quote: “charged with third-degree child molestation and having to register as a level one sex offender…In 2010, Lusk, a mother of five and the former mayor of Prosser, Washington, a small town of about 6,000 people, was accused of having sexual contact with her teenage daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Bubba Frank, then 14.”

It is based upon all that has been said in this posting and report concerning Linda Lusk that Linda Lusk especially is fully deserving of being forever condemned for being the ignorant and spiteful racist bigot that she is and the mentally twisted way that she has been towards those who were in the category of being minors also as well.


Anthony Broccolina cheated on me and hit me. He is a low life that abuses and plays games with women. Uses people and scams people with his business Baltimore Building Concepts. He sleeps around and fucks anything. He even fucks multiple hoes in his truck but pretends to be someone he is not. Avoid this loser. He stole money and items from my home. He cheats on every women he has been with and he has no respect for women. This guy doesn’t deserve any woman or your business. Beware of him!

Levon E. Hall; 41; Henderson, NV, USA

Look out ladies! This is the most coldest, uncaring, womanizing sociopath you could ever come across. He is a broke-dick PRICK! He’s okay looking; I know I’ve seen better, but he is SO vain and SUPERFICIAL and thinks that he is gods gift to women. He claims to “know how to treat a woman”; yeah like SHIT! That’s how he makes me friend feel. To a point where she was a very strong and confident woman but stripped her of all Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. He does NOT discriminate; age, size, color or gender. He will have sex with anything and EVERYTHING, and LOVES to be fucked in his ass! He suffers from small man and micro penis syndrome. He likes everyone to think that he’s a sugar daddy and takes care of all these women, and there is SOME truth to that I must say. He DOES take care of a lot of women, but he SURE is certainly NO sugar daddy. He takes care of all his women at the expense of one of my good friends. For one he has NO job and cannot hold down a job for more than 12 months. Everything that comes out of his mouth are NOTHING but LIES! He is 41 years old and now dating a 25 year old girl who looks like a hooker or even a transvestite, but that’s just my opinion as well as several of our other friends he’s introduced her too. I guess her face doesn’t matter much to him because he could always put a brown paper sack when they have sex. To him; she’s young and skinny; he sees potential in her because I’m sure he’ll start pimpin her out soon; cause they’re broke and he’ll need money soon! and don’t get me wrong; Yes, age is merely a number, and unless she’s a con-artist like him that poor girl is in for the most horrific ride of her life. If he hasn’t already started abusing her physically; you can bet your ass he will be shortly. He likes to talk some very tall tales; being that he is very short he must feel that he needs to compensate for that; who really knows. Right from the start of their relationship I never really believed his stories he’d tell us; he produced Big Mountain, he was took care and put all his friends through college when he himself was in college at the time, he bought his parents house for them, and he was even a hit-man at one point and time in his life. I don’t know about that cause who in their right mind would be so proud to go around bragging about that to ANYONE? I’m not sure about you, but if it were me I wouldn’t be proud of something that; especially advertise it so freely as well. His biggest line to my friend as far as him having a lot of female friends was that a majority of them he never even slept with. He was the kind of man that could just lay there naked and cuddle; according to him. NOW C’mon and give me a fuckin break! That may be true but anyone knows Levon; you’ll DEFINITELY know that is UNTRUE! To make this pathetic mans story short; he conned my friend out of just short of $15,000.00 and EVERYTHING that went wrong and even things that are happening to him now; it in his deranged mind says it’s all my friends fault. He is that much a MAN; SCREW him ladies BEWARE of this swindler he will NEVER take responsibility for his own actions. It will ALWAYS be your fault! His ex-wife does not allow him to see his only daughter and he’s always blamed it on her and said that she always fooled around. After getting to know him I know EXACTLY why she doesn’t allow him to see his daughter. It’s sad that poor child has such a dead beat dad! and I’m pretty sure if that poor young girl he is with now; if she’s not already pregnant; be assured he’s TRYING. After all; she IS his meal ticket to the good life. but the worst part of this all is that his parents may not like what he’s doing but they still condone him and his SHADY ways!

Wen Juan Chai Rowland Heights California

This two bit skank takes cum from all directions She cheats, lies and steals to get anything she wants, then denies everything. She takes on multiple cummers at once. Dont be misled by her lies, she will rob you blind if you leave your eyes off of her for a second. In reality she is a cheap tramp who sucks **** all night. Dont let her rob you, call the police if you see her.

Martin Stoddard, Portland, Gresham, Beaverton Oregon

Well he may be handsome but what a total piece of Crap Martin is, He is Lazy, a heavy Drinker ( morning till night) he prays on people with low self esteem & builds you up to make you feel better about yourself then start to care for him, then he totally manipulates you, I met Martin several years prior when he stripped for my Moms Birthday, Then after many years i ran into him at a bar next to the one where he stripped for my mom unfortunately this was the day that my mom had passed away, We had a short conversation exchanged numbers and parted ways, then we talked on the phone several times & i hired him to strip for a friends birthday, after that we chatted alot he was always flattering and complimenting me,which made me feel good as i was in a abusive marriage scared always put down and felt there was no way i could support my daughter & myself. I had been mentally,verbally, physically abused to the point i started believing all the negative put downs i was broken, Then along comes Martin telling me how great i am and how much i deserve better i started feeling better about myself at the same time falling in Love with him, i kept that to myself but still had a friendship with martin, He also was in a Relationship with a Man at the time,Yes he is bisexual. I got a chunk of money from my moms estate shortly after i got a call at 2am from drunk martin who needed to get out of his house so i got up drove to pick him up & we talked all night long shortly after that night i left my husband got a place and Martin and i began our relationship. I worked two jobs he didnt work at all for months, then i ended up getting him a resume but he still had no job so i also had to do all the applications for him & he got a job aftet 1 year of me supporting us. That job lasted less then a year, we then did a side job painting a house in vancouver wa in exchange for a pickup truck (martin had no car) we got the truck then i had to pay for all the transfer fees.tags,title,DEQ, insurance, tires, then he had a vehicle again when he left his boyfriend he only had clothes the car he drove was not his. I then paid for us to live in hotels for 7 months and once again i had to do all the work to get him a job, he finally did get a job in gresham with a free apartment so we moved & i had a hour commute to work i had already spent my inheritance money,and eventully sold my moms car she gave me to keep a roof over our heads so i was on public transportation now, martin borrowed thousands of dollars throughout our 3year relationship never paid back a dime,he blew EVERY CENT he made in the poker machines & at local bars he couldnt even pay for his own smokes but i was so “Twitterpated” I just wanted love i thought i had that until i found him cheating with a phylis Diller look alike while he had me painting apartments for him as if my two jobs were not enough, so i decided to move out & i did the night i left he got a DUII and our truck was impounded, i had no idea how long he would be in jail as he was in default of his child support and owes hundreds of thousands of dollars from skipping out on his debt from the three children he had but never took responsibility for,then the fact that this was his 3rd DUII I figured he would be held for awhile, he called where i was staying to tell my roommate he still loved me, i was so madly in love with him to,i didnt want him to lose our truck so i paid all fees total of $700 left him a msg & got the truck out for him…. Then to my surprise he got out had me arrested for srealing our truck lied to the police and i got 3 felonys i am so glad that Karma exsists because she will find him, after all that i did for this spineless poor excuse of a man and all the money i spent including a $26000.00 inheritance. Then you do this how can you sleep at night no wonder you are a Raging Alcoholic you my friend have a rude awakining if you ever sober up and actully look at yourself in the mirror, you are pathetic & so is that Phylis diller looking dude your with.. Yikes!!!! Thats one i wouldnt want to see when i sober up… Anyone who is in contact with Martin Stoddard Beware he Cheats He Lies He Sucks!!! He is Lazy. He is irresponsible, He is Worthless , Worthless, Worthless.


Yvonne Chau, Austin, Texas

Yvonne Chau who lives in Austin Texas, formerly from Hong Kong, speaks fluent Cantonese, is a compulsive thief and liar. She will con you out of your life savings by first coming on to you as a coy and shy only to later, start throwing your personal goods and breaking them to pieces if she doesn’t get her way. She is totally mental. She will hacksaw anything that is locked, and break in to your house, your locker and steal anything that belongs to you as she has others. This woman has NO respect for anyone’s personal property. If you see her working or living in Austin contact the police immediately, believed to be living in South Austin. She suffers from OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder and refuses any treatment. She is also a known whore, has slept with 1000;s of men. I know because i saw them come to her apartment at 2 a.m. asking for sex and saw her cell phone with lists of johns. Her house is full of used condoms. She tied them all to her toes. After she steals from you and gets caught, she has no decency or self-respect, and will try it again, and again; she has no guilt or any remorse whatsoever for her past or future misdeeds.


Christopher Monaghan

Christopher Paul Monaghan (born 12/9/1987) is a scammer, con artist, catfisher, and pathological liar. He will ruin your finances, social life, and family relationships if you let him. Then, once he can fool you no longer he will leave you high and dry to pick up the pieces.

His #1 tactic for luring women in is lying about having wealth or having an imminent windfall. Do not believe anything he says, especially when it comes to money. He will always have an excuse as to why the money is not there or the check didn’t clear.

His modus operandi is putting up a dating profile online, meeting a woman, conning her into letting him stay with her at her house under false pretenses, then draining her finances and leeching off of her until she puts an end to it. Then the cycle starts anew with another unsuspecting woman.

Don’t take my word for it. Do a simple background check, call any and all phone numbers associated with him. Anyone that knows him will tell you the same.

Here’s a real world example:

From Hot Springs Daily

The finance manager of Orr Cadillac located on Central Avenue stated that on May 22, suspect Christopher Monaghan, 26 of Hot Springs, entered the dealership and purchased a red 2013 Jeep Wranger in the amount of $38,500. He wrote a check for the vehicle and took possession of it that day.
On April 8, the complainant learned that Monaghan’s checking account had an insufficient balance to cover the check. When Monaghan was contacted regarding the balance, he stated he would put the money into his account that day. Detective Wacaster spoke with Monaghan by phone on May 14 and was told Monaghan would immediately make arrangements with Orr Cadillac to make sure they received the funds. As of May 16, Monaghan has not deposited the money and is no longer answering phone calls or returning messages. Monaghan was charged with theft of property and assigned a court date for June 24.

source: http://hotspringsdaily.com/orr-cadillac-reports-man-for-theft-of-property-after-check-bounces-following-vehicle-purchase/