Christopher Anderson Cedar Park TX USA

Mr Christopher Anderson of Cedar Park Texas lies, plain and simple. He rejects the truth and just tells people what he thinks they want to hear. “I love you” is really “I don’t care about you.”I warn you ladies, beware of this guy and his false promises. Do not get your hopes up, thinking he is going to stick around. He is afraid of commitment and responsibility. So he just lies his way out of it. He also has a hot temper, so watch out for that. He is not violent toward women that I know of but he does have fits of rage toward complete strangers. If someone parks in the wrong spot or looks at him wrong, he gets upset. Not just a little, i mean he gets really angry. If you like mad liars, this guy is the one for you. I prefer sweet, attentive, honest men in my life. Throw Chris back in the water and find a fish worth having.