Chris Martin And Gabrielle Neiras, Pell City, Alabama

Chris Martin and Gabrielle Neira began their affair while working for Advanced Disposal in Lincoln, Alabama. Chris was newly married and an upcoming employee in the company. She was living in an abused womens shelter. It wasnt long into the marriage he started taking $500 a month out of the checking account for what he said were business expenses. He started staying late at work. Going drinking with the boys. Christmas he decides to work he has too much to do. Yes, I spent nights on end looking for my husband. Yes, Christmas I showed up at work with the kids. We have since divorced and he is now married to this trash. She doesn’t even have custody of all her kids. They live the high life and pretend to be Christians just like they pretended to be married during our divorce. G*d will have his vengence in the end it’s not mine to give.