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here’s my story, this dude kept calling to respond to my escort ad and i thought i would ask about him before i hooked up with him i went on this one an escort gig last time and was in a bad situation so i usually screening people a little bit until I get regulars I also get a lot of perverts that just want to talk but they end up not meeting or they say like we meet tomorrow what is the purpose of texting me if they just want to waste time? And then there is dudes always that schedule a time then they want entirely too much. I really hate time wasters. what about anyone out there with info? I also dont want to put myself in a dangerous situation with a bad guy. so any info would be appreciated. i went online to search and this came up. i want to know like does he have a lover, he has children, has a fiance’, has a hidden family, is he dangerous, or anything that i should know that would make me feel like not going.