Chelsey Lucio (Austin Texas, TXST)

TXST, Austin Texas’ Chelsey Lucio is possibly raped and (sexually) abused with a black witch heart and severe mental disorder. She is messed up for life due to her poverty grownup environment and possible RAPE and ABUSE history. She is a horrible person to be around due to how cunning, hideous she is. Even people with many touch life experience is fearful to be around her because there is so much pain and suffer in her eyes and face. She will harm you due to her own eternal suffering.

Snake like Chelsey Lucio is a two faced evil faking itself to be loving, sweet and kind. What is more HORRIFIC: whenver she posts lengthy speeches about how great and kind she is, is exactly right when she has done some terrible things to innocent civilians. She is doing this to fool others and itself that she is not a terrible evil snake and to detox itself from the terrible sins!

However with all these exposure, Chelsey Lucio’s cunning tricks are at the wiz’s end. Chelsey Lucio tried to make people suffer and she enjoys it. Now the reality is Chelsey Lucio is paying a life long price and there is without parole!! SUFFER FOREVER Chelsey Lucio venom. The only way to end your suffering is if you die. You should better die early since life is an inferno for you any way and won’t get any better any day on the planet earth which is only for human, not black spider witch.

James Chilcoat, Austin, Texas

Douchebag Loser James Chilcoat Dated a Sick, Skanky, Abused Whore

Loser James Chilcoat from University of Texas Austin has laughable taste with this sexually abused, mentally abnormal whore named Chelsey Lucio. Not only Chelsey Lucio has a terrible witchy heart, her mental state is quite questionable. Chelsey Lucio is also a nudity exposure addict as she protrude her ass in quite bazaar, provocative angles.

The question is, what level is James Chilcoat himself at if he has such a fetish with this Chelsey Lucio type 🙂

Chelsey Lucio (Los Angeles, Texas)

Chelsey Lucio is probably about the one of the cheapest whore in this planet. Not only she grew up in a poverty condition with both parents doing labor work. Chelsey Lucio herself is dumb as a donkey, and mentally damaged with an ill heart who harasses and back stab people while pretending to be sweet and nice.

She is well known for having no self esteem and self respect. She begs after guys again and again for sex after being repetitively rejected hundreds of times – saying ow much shame and self worth she has. She is ok with being a side whore, or if the men hide her up to jack her. Obviously that is how much she worthies and she is totally fine with it :d. For a dumb, cheap whore like this, no surprise.

Her mental illness and her peculiar sexual exposure habit make her a pain in the ass. She gynmasticate her bare ass in all disgusting angles begging for sex, showing sufficiently how tons of guys have treated her like this kind of cheap whore in the past so this is all she knows how to act. She will not stop harassing and destroying other people. Because she has no shame, self-respect or conscience, she will do so relentlessly and will not be detained from ruining your family. Healthy, normal people can’t handle such a pieces of pathetic shit. Make sure to punch her dead before she haunts back to harm you again, because she surely will as long as she still has any tiny amount of breath left.

She is totally ok with begged sex, and guys misuse her and hide her up because she is a shame and has no amount of self respect. She acts like that is how much she worthes and the kind of treatment she deserves so guys responded in kind :ddddd

Chelsey Lucio, Los Angeles, CA

Chelsey Lucio is a completely VULGAR, TRASHY WHORE! This cheap, shameless whore talks in ugly, disgusting language all the time with almost any male cocks she can find!!! No Kidding…LITERALLY. She lives by “very high” profanity standard.

This underground bitch got a bad reputation around the circles – all the dicks know how easy and open she is. She will open her legas and do whatever for a dollar or drinks. Better yet she has no problem deliver and over deliver herself. No shame at all.

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She must have really terrible, ignorant parents to bring up such a bad whore who means no good to people like Chelsey Lucio herself.

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