Jorge G Andrews Mesa, AZ USA

Ladies you need to stay away from him. He is nothing but a narcissist. He will feed you with lies making you feel like you have a future with him but in reality its not even that. He has a messed up mind and sees no problem in his actions. will blame you for everything that goes wrong even when it is not your fault. he has two baby mamas which they wont give you any drama but he should have never had kids. he is 29 going on 40 with the way he smokes and drinks. he thinks its still cool to get drunk and party down Mill Ave. He wants the single lifr and don’t even try to change him. Thinks to that only his life matters no one else does . So ladys if you want to be used and cry every night and made to feel never good enough stay away!!! He even denies a child I have with him so that is why I am putting him on blast

Amy Kaylynn Vail. Tacoma, WA, USA.

Lying, cheating, opportunistic w***e who was ratted out by her best friend for sleeping with a coworker, and ex-boyfriend over the course of her relationship.

Raven P Robinson, Hartford CT USA. Jamaica Queens USA

Stay away from this girl. Raven Robinson originally from Hartford CT and currently in Jamaica Queens is a literal w***e in every sense of the word. She is also a thief, a drug addict addicted to weed, coke, and molly. Raven prostitutes herself out for these same drugs and is currently homeless and has no house. She lives out of the Comfort Inn Hotel in Jamaica Queens and has lived there for several years. She has no car of her own and always has to beg someone else for a ride. She has cheated on every one of her last boyfriends and has two children a son and a daughter who she never visits and only sees on holidays and just throws money at them

She sleeps around with the security guards at strip clubs in the city and is always having trains run on her as long as you have weed

Raven is needy, clingy, bipolar and unstable and has been that way for several years now. She has no plans or goals in life, only wants to continue being a prostitute

She also has been a prostitute for several years on the website Her photos can be found on google under the phone numbers

347 638 5345
347 730 2288
734 681 3834

Lucy reyes elkhart indiana

While I was watching her kids when she was at work one of her kids had to feed every two hours by feeding tube and also toke care of her other kids and I also gave her money to support us

Marcela Salazar. San Jose. CA USA

Marcela Salazar works for Securitas at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara. She has a husband who she has been married to for many years. Her husband was shot in the face and this is how she treats him. She cheats on him with countless men, especially coworkers. She does not care if they have wives or girlfriends. She is known to give bjs and pony rides behind closed office doors. She has to transfer from facilty to facilty because she can’t keep burritos out of her holes.

David Gleen Estes, Longview, WA USA

He likes to verbally abuse and break a woman down.. Call names threw fits when he does not get his way also likes to use dating apps as a means to get off.. He has physically abused and restrained someone.. He likes to meet with other girls while in a committed relationship. He has mental problems he needs to seek help for He thinks everyone is out to get him.. And that the government is taping his phone and spying on him.. Always thinks his girl is cheating will take and go threw her phone make her dump all her friends and keep her in a bubble where she don’t have anyone.. He has mental health issues and need to seek medical attention

Becca Sears Basolo Omaha Nebraska

I met this lady of POF then saw her on craigslsit several other times. She gave me head and had s*x bare back let me c*m all inside of her etc had no idea she was married until her husband found out and confronted me then he told me all about everything she had been up to and WOW she got around apparently I feel bad for the guy I really do because its not like she cheated once it seemed as though she might have slept with lots of guys behind this poor mans back dont trust Becca of Omaha Nebraska.


Barbie JoAnn Cozby is a 47 year old, 5’7 red head that use to live in Anancoco and worked for the Louisiana DOTD as a road technician. Barbie does her hunting at hole in the wall bars and online dating sites such as POF. Barbie is the number one w***e of Anacoco/Leesville area. Barbie has cheated on all three of her ex-husband’s and put them in huge financial debt. Barbie has untold amounts of ex-boyfriends and fiance’s. She has used and cheated on every single one of them. Barbie dates a man for five or six months then dumps there a*s. She loves long distance relationships so she can lie and f**k other dude’s. She’ll tell you not to be jealous of her male friends that text her nude pics and call her. There not just friends, THERE F**K BUDDIES. I used to be one of them. The same day that she dumped her boyfriend from Lake Charles I f****d her. Barbie gave her son and daughter back to her ex’s so she could hunt d**k and party. Don’t try to date her, she’ll rip your heart out and use up your money. Wear rubbers and treat her like the true W***E that Barbie Cozby is.

Wes B Beitler

He acted like a victim of a bad breakup. He will feed you all his lies & make you feel bad for him. He is a drug addict, he doesn’t want to be sober. His priority is getting drunk; But, if a different drug is available, he will binge on whatever drug is in front of him. He is convinced that his uncle (who touches him inappropriately & wants a 3some with him) can read his thoughts. Basically, can control him like the Professor, from X-men.
Him and his uncle convinced me that he has been treated so badly by women. Told me he was cheated on by all of them, abused, robbed, made to raise a son that is someone else’s, etc.
While I was with him, he was always drunk & would get violent. He would always use the excuse that I was cheating 2 allow him 2 get away with getting abusive, or his horrible actions.
I grew up watching my mother get beat & promised myself, I would not let that happen 2 me. So, I taught myself how to defend myself, against an abusive man. Wes found this out the hard way, he would deny everything, becuz he was drunk. But, would guilt me, becuz he would b bruised from me defending myself.
One night he stabbed me, the police came & I wouldn’t tell them anything. I felt sorry for him, I really believed he was that damaged from his exs. Also, he had a son & I didn’t want him in prison.
He would always procrastinate & whenever he got a job offer, he would never show up. His uncle just enabled him & would talk him out of accepting a job. His uncle instigated 90% of our problems. He told my BF that I was a prostitute, I was cheating on him, etc. I let all of this factor into what I would let him get away with. He would say he wants to sober up, but when he is doing good, his uncle would sabotage everything. His uncle did the same with his other relationships. He got arrested for hitting me in front of some people. He convinced me not to go to court. After being with him & living with him for over a year. He finally got a job, barely gave me over $100, for bills, got into heroin, & left me b4 he got his 2ND paycheck. He ghosted me, told his family that I got him into H, was abusive 2 him, etc. He contacted me back, lied about why he hasn’t contacted me & got back together long enough to get some Xmas gifts. Sorry, this “letter” is all over the place, I am typing this I a phone & I just wanna get this over with. He is a liar, he uses you by taking advantage of you and getting you to feel sorry for him. He has a creepy relationship w*t his uncle. A girl answered his phone one time, which he denies for awhile, until he couldn’t. He gets drunk & let’s gay guys fondle him (found this out at a party). He cares for no one but himself. He is bisexual, hiding from the p**n he watches, etc. He uses being blk out drunk as an excuse to do anything & will deny it, becuz he doesn’t remember. He destroyed al my electronics on night, says it doesn’t matter becuz no bought everything with my debit/credit card. He started hitting me, my brother woke up, he ran off into the metal screen door & split his lip open. Blames me, becuz he doesn’t remember & he is always the victim…

David Frank Prieto Palm Springs California USA

David Prieto has been playing two sides with his baby Momma and an ex. He thinks because he has a baby he is Super Dad. He uses that to fix his reputaiton but the truth is that he is still a jerk. You can’t run from how you treat women no matter how many times you try to forget your past. Just like you can’t forget your felony arrests. Desert Hot Springs Police know you by name. Court records are easy to find. THe list of people that want you to go down grows every day. You treat people like garbage. You have lied and made promise to women that you havent kept. Mr Nativ1 , proud Native American that treats people in our tribe with zero respect. I know there is another “baby” in your phone and I know your trick of how you hide it. I saw it David. You still use, you are involved in that industry, and i regret ever trusting anything about you.

Dont repeat the mistake of many others.


His name is Antonio Herring.. he is 34 an lives in a transitional center in albany georgia .. he’s nothing but a nasty, lying pos.. anytime he’s been caught in a lie.. he either plays dumb or stops talking to you.. or in my case, he did both.. he’s not good for anything … true definition of pathological liar.. he can’t be trusted at all ever.. feel free to text him an tell him you saw this post.. 4702418176

Brian bishop Ocirus Orlando Florida United States

Dated this guy for three years. Come to find out he’s seeing many women. He uses his son Zian as an excuse as to why he’s always busy and he consistently fighting with you so he can have time with the other women. He claims he cares about his health but he’s f*****g all these women without a condom. He’s got two women pregnant and this is just what was exposed. He has three kids, two girls and a boy. He only claims tow of them. The older girl he doesn’t claim and is forced to pay child support for her. He works for Coke making $17 an hour and thinks it’s a lot. He claimed to use this woman and stated she loved him but he thinks she’s ugly and only f***s her because she’s got a fat a*s and buys him stuff. I saw her, she’s actually pretty. He had this proclaimed side chick named Tanzy…. She knew about us all. She’s not even attractive. But hey, he’s a pig so it doesn’t matter. He’s got a girlfriend named Julie and she’s been told all about his actions. She stayed!! His sons name is Zian daughter he claims is Aariel and daughter he doesn’t claim is named Princess. He went as far as taking me to the dr to see about getting my tubes untied but was f*****g and dating all these other women. Please run if you meet him. You have been warned!!!

Jenna Burns, United States, USA

There are a few things that one should know about Jenna Burns:

Firstly, Jenna Burns is a wicked and a devious racist and a sick-minded bigot whose prejudicial racism or racist wickedness is against African-American men or Black men in particular.

Secondly the racist wickedness of Jenna Burns is expressly and especially against the skin color of these African-American males or Black men which she despises greatly and intensely.

Finally, her racist wickedness which is skin color based has hindered her from considering these African-American men or Black men as those who can be considered as serious relationship material because of her great racist abhorrence or racist disdain for these Black or African-American men especially their skin color.

Therefore based upon such the ill-minded Jenna Burns must be exposed, condemned, and castigated for her devious-minded racist manner as a whole.

Lisa Bakhtiari St. Louis Chesterfield Missouri Charter Communications

Lisa has been cheating with my husband for months now. Her husband has erectile difficulties and cannot perform well in bed. Since he is too embarrassed to get help Lisa has decided to help herself. She has been active online meeting young, hot, studs that will meet her in St. Louis hotels to give her a skin on skin pounding. All photos are of Lisa and procured from my Hubby’s phone. I have filed for divorce ans custody of y kids. Lisa is a piece of trash and I have no clue why Charter Communications would hire her.

Samantha Frontera, Chicago, IL

Dated her for a bit. Only after breaking it off did I realize that she had a live-in boyfriend/fiance, was dating tons of other dudes all the time and dates to try and better her poor business “Exclusive”. The lies upon lies upon lies were tremendous at all times. I should have realized as the dates and things she said we were were always incredibly strange. constant lying, stay far away.

Shawna Adriane Kaylor

Shawna Kaylor is a psychotic, vengeful woman who will pursue, stalk, and attempt to soil the reputations of men who want no part of her. For online identities (Twitter handle, dating/FetLife accounts), she often goes by GreenEyez6144, whoisadriane, and thenightsky6144. Has been known to obsessively track and follow social media accounts belonging to her targets. Personal tweets reveal suicidal tendencies and frightening aggression. She is unhinged and will attempt to plant herself in the lives of her subjects at any cost. She happily targets innocent third parties if it means getting what she wants. Avoid under all circumstances, both personal and professional.

Shannon Almberg, Beaverton, Oregon

Ugly old lady did and said all the right things right from the beginning. Even posing as a lady with class when she really has no class. There’s evidence that she’s done this before. She’s REALLY good at it. After we met she hid her profile. The whole time my gut was telling me something was wrong, but I chalked it up to being burned before. I kept emotionally distant, though. The last time we spent the night together (at a hotel as always) I pushed her on some things like asking her why she didn’t ever invite me to her place. She’d been at mine. She even went as far as getting my 7 month old involved. Stay away from this witch! And if you have been with her, go get yourself tested for STDs IMMEDIATELY! INVESTORS AND EMPLOYERS BEWARE OF SHANNON ALMBERG


Mike Bellamy, Little River, South Carolina

Falls in love with you fast. Sweeps you off your feet. Wants to be with you every minute. Defends you when other guys flirt with you. Shows up at your work. Buys you gifts. Wants to have s*x all day long. First few weeks he reels you in before you know it you are in love. That’s when the crazy comes out. Hes an alcoholic. Didn’t realize until I been with him 2 years that he was addicted to Zanax pain killers. He has what I call episodes when he is just crazy. Completely out of it, bends forks, spoons tears menus up at restaurants. Says inappropriate things to strangers, takes drinks from people he doesn’t know chugs them. Eats food off of strangers plates.Banned from bars in the area. Stays up days at a time. Hires hookers. Wants to talk to you for hours at a time. Tells the same stories over over. Drinks for days at a time. All day night. While talking w/you, H**l have his mom on line secretly listening. Talks to her for hours a day. Strange relationship With her. Social disorders. Addictive personality. Addicted to the band U2. Gets mad acts like a child. Goes days without bathing when hes on a bender. His home smells of urine and s**t because he urinates all threw the house. He doesn’t remember things he does. He lies forgets the lie.It changes often. Tries to make you think your the crazy one. Its called gas lighting He separates you from friends and family. Its called splitting Tells you lies about them to keep you away. Wants you all to himself to completely control you. Catch him cheating, blames it on you, the alcohol. He loves to pay for whores to have s*x with him…Only concerned with himself. Will turn everything on you that he is actually guilty of. Filed a false police report on me. I now have a restraining order on him. Hes evil to the core. He uses religion against you acts like he is a strong christian man. Turns people against you with lies. Left me and my children in the Bahamas after accusing me of flirting. He is the devil. Thought I could help him. Was wrong. With him for 6 years before I became afraid of him. He is going downhill fast. The photos will show the weight gain. I’m afraid for his life. he cant live much longer with what he does. His liver cant take much more. Hes never been married now you know why. He is bad. Most sinful person I’ve ever known. Says everything right to get you in his trap. Then the crazy starts. He acts like it didn’t happen,you take him back.Over over. Don’t waste years like I did thinking he would change.


Jessica Duran, Las Vegas, Nevada

All you have to do is show her some attention and she will f**k you or suck you no matter your age. Loves her throat f****d deep and c*m on her face and likes her a*s f****d too. she has always been a s**t that will f**k anyone and spread her legs. I’m just feel sorry for her ex husband Jeremy now. He had no idea hes dating a cheating b***h. I remembered her very first a**l, she was excited, now she has big hole in her a*s your foot can fit inside her a*****e, because she loves a**l with different men. she is a really s**t and decides her mechanic needed a little lube for his dipstick.