Michael Lachance-Payne

He promises to marry you then takes your money. He did me for 1year. Never met him at all. So ladies be aware

Jose Angel Lopez San Bernadino, California

Jose Angel Lopez San Bernadino Firefighter IS A LIAR & CHEATER. Watch out ladies. He may look cute in his turnouts and act like he’s nice but he’s a cheater and liar who uses women for what he can get. Very insincere guy who lies to any girl to get what he wants. Has multiple girlfriends each thinking they are the only one!

Zachary Adam Campagne, Michigan

Zachary is nothing but a drug addicted fool and a pathological liar. He imbezeled thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from Best Buy where he was working so that he could get more money for drugs. He even stole from his own mom. Don’t trust him because he will lie, cheat, steal whatever just to get his own way. STAY AWAY FROM ZACHARY ADAM CAMPAGNE!

Homewrecker Jeff Baker Blacklick, OH 43004

This piece of s**t dated my wife while we were still married and he already had other women. I new she was going to his house because I followed her. My ex wife is not his only conquest. This m**********r will f**k anything that moves and has no self control. I am embarrassed that he is black man because he supports every horrible stereotype. I wish my ex wife would find someone decent because who knows what STD he could have.

April groves-martens

This b***h needs to stop calling and texting my husband nastey pictures.. she is married with a kid and ex navy..

Simone Thelemaque, Oakland CA

Do not trust her. She doesn’t tell her STD status until she knows she has you. She claims to be an advocate for the community but she is really a snake. I would not recommend her for any job. She is a walking sexual harassment case. In addition she leads people on for free dinners, trips, or whatever financial gains, knowing that she does not want a relationship from them. Be careful she dates both men and woman. She is looking for someone with money that she can easily manipulate. So insecure and older men/women fit the profile of people that she preys on.

Keith cheats on NEW WIFE right when they marry for 1.5 years with 53 yr old woman and TRANNYS!!!

Keith is a Narcissist Sociopath and will tell you exactly what you want to hear to stick his dirty diseased dong inside any of your holes. He is 36 and screws old women and men, on of his current is Christine Adler Holliday, who he stops by during his work hours, fills her up with c** and then goes back to work.

He acts as a charmer so you would never believe he is that type of human, but he has no soul or heart. He uses many people for instant gratification. He will literally screw anything that gives him any attention. He also has chlamydia as of a few months ago. He cheated on his girlfriends and his recent new wife immediately after they married and lied to her and the others he was s******g until finally he was caught. Currently he has relations with over 15+ people that is has sexual relationships with…this includes men/tranny’s. If you want to be lied and deceived and get a disease, this is definitely your piece of s*** male.

Andre Jae Canepa San Jose CA USA

Some people call him AJ. Don’t fall for his charms. He is just using that to hook you in and can act like a gentleman, a knight in shining armor or Prince Charming in a fairytale just to get what he wants. S*x is all he thinks about, the only thing he really wants. He is not very honest and always blame others for wrong doing. Only thinks of himself and don’t care about your feelings. He cheats when he looks at other women and looking at their bodies and try to see what they wear under their shirts.

Joseph p trujillo aka joe or payaso 36 03/24/1981

This man has contacted me on social media claiming to be some business owner of a trucking company said he had lots of money . He made me feel so special to him like i was his only girlfriend. We hit it off so well for the first 1yr. Then come to find out he is married and thats not it after i sent him money . i found out he is in prison. Omg He will charm his way into your life slither like a snake take all your cash and IF anyone else has been the victim to this man please come forward he is evil man. He made me do things i didnt like doing …..i feel sorry for his wife …..dont know her but i bet she will know now …..

Jon Steiniger Orion Illinois

First of all he is a cheating dead beat.. He has his own busines thanks to mommy and daddy spoil f****r he got a girl pregnant and left her then I had a baby with him not a few years later cheated on me.. Brings different women over to his house when he has his daughter at home.Now he’s married with some girl thats he met for a few months he don’t even know her and she has 2 kids of her own, that’s not gonna work he’s gonna cheat on her just like he did with me.. Just because you have a little bit of money don’t mean you can go play with girls hearts. Karma will catch up to you very soon and you will pay for everything you did. He makes himself look so innocent but he’s not!

Hillary Holiday Escort

She is a prostiute that sells her body for money. She is st bug out on drugs and had shady characters always going in and out of her place. I found syringes and drug paraphenila strew around her apartrtment. Stay away from this person. She goes by Hillary holiday and is an escort in Minneapolis

Sylvain Cote Ottawa Ontario Canada liar

Sylvain Cota….compulsive liar and cheater lied to me about his currant relationship continue to see me while he was living with Nathalie Gagnon of Gatineau. He lied to Claude Boulanger his wife of 30 years about his relationship. He was RCMP officer someone you should trust.

John Richard Ripp, Cape Coral, Florida

This despicable piece of human flesh is now on his third wife. He will woo you with his personality and charm, while he is still married. He also has children he has abandoned. He has many different excuses for meeting you or coming across your information. DO NOT give him any info, as he then will stalk you, like the pervert he is.

Protect yourself from this so called Man (w***e).

Nick Roselli, Egg Harbor Township, NJ , Atlantic County

Nick is a commitment phobic, . He also is a passive aggressive, and a narcissist. In my opinion from dating him for 3 years.

Nick is very charming at the beginning . He is attentive, interesting, intelligent and seems to really want to see you. He will send you cute little heart emojis and little kisses say good night by text each night. Will take you to a few nice places This doesn’t last that long. Once he feels he has you hooked all the nice little things seem to disappear one by one. Slowly.

He will begin to be very vague as to where he has been, what he had done during the week ( as he only really wants to see you on weekends). Weekdays are for him to do what he want’s to do and that’s not seeing you. What ever you do from that point is only what he wants to do if it may be something you really want to do , he comes up with a excuse or shows up too late so you can not go. Its all about him not you.

His phone is locked down like Fort Knox. He get’s texts that he’s secretive about. You find out from him that he visits women that are “just friends during the week”. When you get upset he turns it around on you making it seem that your at fault for being too suspicious . He will slip up and say things like ” I have to return those two shirts I bought when we went to Wal Mart.” But you never went with him…… must have been another women, and he can’t even keep it straight in his head. He just doesn’t care. Your gut is screaming he is going out on dates behind your back, but you choose to leave it alone.

He goes out after work and is never home before 8:30 , 9 pm each night. If you call it goes to voice mail. Each bar tender and waitress know him. He frequents bars and goes to BAM bookstore , to scope out women. Took awhile for me to get that straight.

After you are hooked , he starts looking for the next women. He is very picky since he has a very inflated ego and thinks he is above the normal man. He goes out with you for 2/3 years all the while getting you used to less and less attention.

He is king at the silent treatment and blowing you off. He will do a no contact if he is annoyed with you ( you send a text at how hurt you are with something he has done or not done). It can last days or weeks , than he calls or text’s like nothing happened. Blows you off for a weekend when he’s expected over . Your calls go to voice mail and will not answer a text, again calls or texts a few days later like nothing happened,

When he’s done with you , you are discarded like a piece of garbage. Just cuts off all contact, nothing at all from him. Don’t bother calling it will go to voice mail. He’s found someone else that he thinks he has good chemistry with. So she is in, your out.

He is very hurtful and really can not care for you. He is incapable of it . He just needs the attention . He want’s from you but can not give anything of himself. He can only give to his Mother , no one else. That’s his biggest problem she is so needy of him and treats him like a husband not a son. He will never see this in himself and he’s case book commitment phobic mother enmeched. Stay away, no matter how nice he is. It’s not worth the hurt.

You can care for him as much as you want , think that your caring will get thru to him. But, nothing will . It’s too late.

Cristian Fernando Velarde Lizarraga from Ensenada Mexico

His number is +5216461256180
I met this man online and after a month we started our relationship. But this man is a total liar. He told me he has a wife (yes,still has)two month after we started but his wife cheated on him which is a huge lie. He said many sweet things like he would marry me and I am the love and destiny of his life. Around christmas,he simply disappeared for the whole holidays. He didnt admit until I found out he was sleeping with another woman. They had been dating for half a month by then. He told me he still loves and wants to keep me as his true love and this woman too. He personally admitted she is serious with him but he doesnt and he letted her believe he feels the same for her. This poor woman is 23 from San Diego America former navy and suffering from depression. I dont know her name or contact detail. He said this woman was going to pay off the land he bought with his wife. If you add his number on whatsapp you will see their picture together. This woman has no idea that he still dates me. By any chance you know her,please warn her about him.

Patrick Weissinger, Pottstown,PA

Patrick Weissinger
Lying, Cheating , Manipulating
47 Year old Narcissist

Cheated on his ( First ) Wife , Denise Naphys now married Denise Naphys Kalogiros.
She caught him cheating in a bar and beat him so bad he puked.They had a son Shane Weissinger, who he denies and ignores. Shane is older than his current conquest Mackenzie LynnFite Then divorced him after she found out about his last affair which he ended up marrying .. He started cheating on his second Wife Bethany not long after she got pregnant with there first child. Using Hockey to meet new girls.
His cheating never ended,among the many affairs were ( Only a few ) Mandy( Amanda ) Davenport , Jenn Forsythe, Shannon Bourque,Kris Bower Godshall and his current Troll MacKenzie Lynn Fite .Many were flings he found from hockey while others were obtained from his work place.

Fired from his last three jobs due to dishonesty and inappropriate work place behavior and

One of the best lairs and most convincing lairs that you will ever come across in your life time. He manipulates you into thinking that you are crazy or have no reason to question or doubt anything that he does. Always claiming to be the victim of any and all circumstances while never admitting he was wrong, apologizing or
accepting any wrong doing on his part. You can catch him in a lie or act and he will turn it around to be your fault , that your over reacting.His manipulation does not stop at relationships.It travels through every part of his life style. Currently living off his girlfriend which is half his age. He makes no effort at solid or long term commitments. Using his children that he deserted to make himself look good in his personal and business life. He walked out on his family just after his youngest daughter turned one.
While still continuing to deny any wrong doing or that he has any relationship with MacKenzie at all , flat out denying it and her.. Leading his wife on and still playing his games. Among all of his affairs and cheating were two long term affairs the first with Kris Godshall that he worked with, She knew he was married but he claimed to be the victim in every way, she even lent him thousands of dollars that he never re-paid. Kris was still married at the time. That affair lasted three years until she was replaced with his current girlfriend. Kris was very offended , hurt and thrown back to see it happen to her , not thinking anything of it when she had done it.
Patrick will lie, manipulate and use anyone that he can to get what he wants, always turning anything around
so that he looks like the hero or the victim . He is an evil heartless user . Do not trust him , he doesn’t know how to tell the truth
about anything. Patrick has cheated in every relationship that he has ever had including his current one.

He has a fetish for feet, hates ketchup, loves secretly being dominated and has a very secret and hidden like and desire for men as well. The pictures and videos prove it.His Very Small P***s has been in more things and between more legs than you would ever want to know, He is a very smooth talker using his Psychology degree to help in his manipulations. There is so much more hidden about him

He uses I-message and other apps to communicate so that his texts and calls can not be traced

Eric M. Johnson Chestertown, Maryland

Biggest liar and cheater I ever met. Dated for few short months after realizing he was on a power kick or something to sew his wild oats. Weirdo, liar, cheater, oddball. Likes women very very young for a 47-year-old man. Weird fetish with a**l, and obsessed with having threesomes. Wanted to take me on a vacation to Key West to visit a nude bar he claimed he loved, and have orgies with young women. He made comments about my 15-year-old daughter that was not appropriate. He was constantly giving her money and trying to take her places. I only dated him for few short months before realizing he was dating this other chick from Maryland. She was about 20 years younger herself. Steer clear. I met him on plenty of fish, username ERICTREE

Stacy Hui (Townsend) Kailua, Hawaii

Dated my boyfriend for 6 months while she was still married. Met my boyfriend for dates while I was home caring for our 1-year-old. Destroyed my family and most likely hers.

Jamie “BamBam” Jefferies Kitchener Ontario Canada

Don’t let his looks and smooth talk fool you. This charming “model” from Kitchener Ontario is actually a lying, cheating, abusive, thief in disguise. This sociopath lies and cheats and steals from all the women he’s with (and even takes advantage of their 81 year old grandmothers) but claims it’s never his fault! He only does it because previous women have “made him do it” and he thinks he might have “some sort of sexual addiction or problem… might talk to someone about it eventually”. I’m pretty sure the only sexual problem he has is an STD. He uses you for any personal gain that he can get his grubby hands on, and once you’re no longer of any use to you, he will drop you like a sack of potatoes! Blocking your number, etc. Even if he has gotten you pregnant, he’ll be on to the next before you can say “It’s a boy”

Trevor Adams, Kansas City. Kansas. USA

Married law enforcement officer that likes to use his power to control women and cheat on his wife. Says he’s in a loveless marriage and only stays for his daughter. He’s not going anywhere. He’s been cheating on his wife the entire time and ALWAYS will! He’s very dominant and just looks for his next victim to control and destroy their life. No consequences to him. May go by another name. Uses fake number from text now. 913-535-8660. Used to use Kik.