John smith

He first off was super flirty with a lot of people, he was also into cross dressing, it’s not a huge deal but he did it a lot, too much. To the point he crossdresed and blew one of his friends, I coul

Nikolos (Nik) Robinson

Nikolos is a pathological liar. His good looks and charm will get you interested. He is 6’3 with a muscular build and well endowed. However that endowment is shared with numerous women all over the DMV, Atlanta and other locations uncovered!!! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and please do not fall for his lies! He currently lives at 13709 Port Commerce Court in Accokeek Maryland and phone number 4043947981. He is a photographer on the side and utilizes that to attract women and new sexual interests. Despite his cockiness he has no respect for women! If you last long enough, he will buy you things and when you ask questions not answer them fully all while asking you a lot of questions. He has 2 fancy cars a Benz and Genesis. He will always be busy and that’s because he’s entertaining his other women. You guards his phone because he has a lot to hide including naked pictures that he shares. So don’t send him any picturesuggestions of yourself. Because he is not loyal, he does not post any pictures of him with a woman on his page for fear or reprisal.

Protect your health, heart, and sanity and avoid this man!!! Spread the word because he will not change and deserves only himself.

Aaron Fuller, Jr. Memphis, TN, USA

Aaron Fuller Jr. is a scheming, lying, sadistic, woman beating, child abandoning, broke, barely literate, cheating, fraudulent SOCIOPATH who consistently preys on and lives off women. Avoid this virus at all costs. Don’t believe a thing he says. Know the red flags of (covert) narcissistic personality disorder and you won’t be fooled by his love-bombing, fake empathy, and extreme gaslighting. He’s quite charming and skilled at being deceitful. Ladies of MemphIs, you’ve been warned.

Andrea Cecilia Godwin. Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

This seriously oblivious chick can’t keep her mouth closed. Don’t count on her keeping your intimate life a secret because you Will Be Let Down. It’s safe to assume that anything that happens between the two of you, her Family already knows in detail. She has snuck into guys windows late at night, took vacations with men behind my back, b******s from nearby neighbors, had s*x with guys in bathrooms of her twin sisters parties, etc..The number of times she’s cheated is literally immeasurable & the list goes on. When finally confronted, she eventually admitted to doing these things, promised she wouldn’t, and kept doing them..pretty much to my face. And this was Before the above stuff even Happened OoO.. Her Sister and friends told me alot actually. Big Hearted Guys..KEEP CLEAR. Stay away, don’t date, or find out the hard way~

Jing Xia Tesoriero Florida/Colorado


Edward Paul Bailey

Together for 11 months.. ended Sept 26, loves to text.. I’m positive he was texting other girls he always stayed in bathroom a long time.. anyway he started living with me about 5 months ago cause I lived closer to his job, then his sister at first it was great cause we got to spend more time together. But he was always broke.. we rarely went out, except to stores.. his favorite game stop. He spent alot of time playing video games.. I think I got more attention when he wasn’t here all the time. Any way he’s a lier a cheater, loser s**t job no license no car when he’s not flopping at your house he lives on his sister’s couch.. After I asked him to stop texting so much he would try to sneak it… jerk. I saw not stupid.. made me so insecure I checked out who liked his pics on Facebook and message one chic Tina Dunnkoski.. she said they had been together 3 years and one of her kids was his.. I’m like are u nuts he lives at my house he is always here.. but I guess sometimes when he said he at work he wasn’t. F**k it he begged me to prove his love said he did see her a little only cause of her kids seared he not sleeping with her . That’s not what she said.. done and done. Cheater liar, loser, s**t job, no home, no car why was I sooo stupid.. cause he talked and listens when all I wanted was friend and then before I knew it we talked every day.. and I actually began having feeling be fore we even met.. like two months he worked on me. What ever personally I think he faked the whole relationship . And I fell so hard couldn’t see it cause he did almost everything rite.

Dewey Ball, Elgin, Illinois

I was once with this “man” for just about 10 years! We’ve a 7 years ancient son together! In that point he cheated on me as a minimum 7 times! I was a total idiot and believed that my love for him would make a difference! It failed to! This last time (the ultimate time) he cheated with his boss’s daughter! She used to be engaged and he used to be regarding her as his little sister but eventually the truth came out! When his inebriated friend let slip that she had long gone on a snowmobiling trip with them while I stayed dwelling taking good care of his son and he lied to my face that she was once not there and he wasn’t even neighbors with her! He’s a narcissistic manipulator who preys on individuals’s love! He has cheated on me for 9 years with everyone from his ex to his boss’s daughter! He lies always and he cares about no one but himself! He has physically, mentally, verbally, and emotionally scarred me! All women beware! He is poison! He has a drug habit and he’s a serial cheater and he is hooked on p**n! He cheated on his ex the complete 3 years of their relationship additionally! Please females watch out! And guys preserve him away out of your daughters!!


Christine Castellano, Brooklyn, New York

This woman Cheated on Her First Husband With Her Father in law… I Should Have Read The Signs Before I Married Her!! But Stupid Me Was Blind With Love Until She Did The Same Thing To Me…. With My Stepfather… Gross!!! She Preys On Old People With Her Charm S*x Appeal Trying To Inherit their Wealth… Sick w***e!! She Did This Right After My Mother Died, Then Worked On Him Until He Died 7 Months Later, Now He Left Her $350,000 Pension In His Will.. And I Filed For DIVORCE… What A Piece Of s**t!!!