Juan Segura, Miami, Florida

Beware ladies, this man is married to a beautiful women and they have been together for years!!! he also has a daughter. He would go out with you and make you fall in love with him just so he can get what he want obviously.. And what he would say about his WIFE is that they are not together, and that she lives in a different state which is the reason why they aren’t together anymore, but in reality they are still married and living under the same roof. Its sad but he would make his wife sound crazy by telling you that shes still obsessed with him. People like this are the worst how have you be married, have a daughter, and still cheat like this, and the worst way to by making you fall in love. And I recently found out that I was one of many women he was having sex with while still married. And all while he told me that he was not seeing anyone else, and that he was completely single!!!