Chad Hoyt, Oregon, – This guy is a predator

Chad Hoyt is a complete psycho. He is a pathological liar. He claims his mother has died only for us to discover her alive and well on myspace. Recently as of Dec 2009 he was diagnosed with type 2 genital herpes. (STD dating site, profile was later taken down) He likes to ride dirt bikes and is complete white trash. He uses “CLHOYTCL” and “CLHOYTCLH” as his …….. IDs. We recently filed harassment complaints because of electronic/telephony harassment. He has threatened us, made up lies and generally become the kind of guy you completely regret ever meeting. We have changed phone numbers and deleted Facebook accounts in an attempt to stop his stalking. Did I mention he is illiterate? LOL he spells “Worth” – Wirth, “Prejudice” – Prejedist and the best one of all is “Lose” – loose. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about him reading this cause the guy never got out of 2nd grade. Clearly someone who didn’t pay attention in school long enough to learn to spell is hardly credible in any form. He lives in the Salem and Woodburn Oregon area He is continuing his cycle of lies and abuse. Deeply ingrained pathologies, sociopaths tendencies. Clearly he’s taken advantage of more than one person. This guy is a predator, beware! BTW Chad, how does your mother feel knowing you tell people she’s dead? Poor lady should go ahead and die just to save herself the embarrassment of your actions. I feel so sorry for your family.