Chad Trout of HP in Austin Texas

Chad Trout of HP Is An Unabated Cheater. Chad Alan Trout who works at HP (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is your poster boy for serial infidelity. I have no qualms with people being unfaithful (it’s their personal choice however immoral the acts might be), but what I do find to be completely disingenuous and downright hypocritical is when people like Chad Trout (who is married with kids) lecture others on morality when it comes to their personal choices. Chad Trout acts like he is a holier than thou Saint at work-related and social gatherings, yet he himself is spends an hefty amount of money on escorts, strippers and dates with young teenage girls old enough to be his daughter!!! I guess after his wife packed on the pounds post-child birth, he feels the need to indulge in some side-fun which probably gives him the impetus to admonish others for their indiscretions. This morally bankrupt goon Chad Trout should be ashamed of himself.