Carlos Ortiz, Pennsylvania – RUN FOR THE HILLS

Carlos Oritz is a self-loving asshole with a heart of steel. He is a smooth talking phony that has a sparkle in his eyes which puts girls under his spell but underneath the cute boyish looks, is a lying snake and a piece of shit unworthy of your affection. He is an attention whore who specializes in conniving to get laid, favors, or anything else he wants. This low life fucking pig hangs out at places such as Kenney’s Spirited Eatery in Southampton,PA on Friday nights, Michaels in Bensalem, and La Luna Dance Studio. If you see him anywhere – don’t walk the other way…RUN FOR THE HILLS. He will be attending the Monster Fest Oct. 22, 2011 at Polanka Park in Bensalem, PA . He lives in Warminster, Pennsylvania at that ghetto called Bucks Landing apartments in building C and he works full time at Wells Fargo bank in Perkasie, PA. He also works out at L.A. Fitness gym in Huntingdon Valley. One piece of advice to Carlos – if you’re reading this: smarten up because buddies you socialize with just might be talking shit behind your back.