Mandy Kathleen Campbell

Mandy used me as a “beard” to hide her lesbian affairs from her family and community. She deceived me for years only to finally admit to cheating on me with other men and women to hurt me. She is highly promiscuous, untrustworthy, a liar, cheater, and thoroughly deceptive. Since we have been apart, she has slept with hundreds of people. She lives as an avowed Sadist in the BDSM community in Atlanta. Mandy does not play by any rules in relationships, preferring to say she is “polyamorous”. The truth is, she just likes to sleep around. She cannot be trusted personally, professionally, or in any way. Her family has abandoned her and now she can only find company in the form of other sexual degenerates. Avoid this person at all costs.


My ex husband Kevin James jr stole all my tax money and fucked my.cousin Linda. Then the three robbed my house. The stupid who’re then sold my shit online.
My ex husband tried to then get custody of my youngest son and failed.
Now he’s married to a fat who’re named audrey that stalks me.