– Avoid these scammers

I’m a manager of a small company and was using for online marketing. The company as I was told was one of the best and was also used by LinkedIn, which is one of the top most social networks used. I too wanted to market online so I hired for it and was hoping for some good work done. But there were a lot of frauds I started to notice from the beginning itself. While I was on the trial period, I was upgraded even though I didn’t ask for one, and neither was I informed about it. An upgrade during the free trial period charged me, and that wasn’t authorized. I called them on their helpline number – 1-866-358-6355, I explained the problem to the person who picked up my call. I also hesitantly told them I wanted to cancel my account and he on the other end sounded incredibly helpful and told me he would do so and also give me a refund within 7 – 10 days of cancellation. Their customer service was good, but there was a problem. It was past 10 days and I hadn’t received my refund that made me curious. So I called them back on the same number and asked them when exactly I would be getting my refund. I was told that after I had the conversation and was promised a refund they later decided not to refund my money. They decided it on their own and they didn’t tell me on what basis exactly!! On top of that I had no one contact me and give me this information. They told me they tried contacting me but couldn’t get through, and this was a complete lie!! Such fabrication wasn’t expected out of them!! I refuse to work with such dishonest companies whose focus is to only gain profits and in return provide bad service!! Trust me, are fraudsters!! Do NOT sign them up for your work!!