Vapid Moronic Wasteoid

Be careful who your significant other hangs around this woman is a snake! A desperate aging hopeless botox and filler addict who jumps on board every pathetic trend ie crystal worshiping and faux vegan lifestyle filled with acai bowls and matcha b*******! Bottle blonde who lets grown men with live in girlfriends sleep in bed with her! No respect for herself (obviously bc the only men who pay any attention to her are in a drunken and deaperate state) such a waste of oxygen and the space she takes up on this earth is completely wasted on this pathetic late 30’s alcoholic!

David Drummond, East Bay Paving & Grading LLC

David Drummond is the most heartless, pathological and manipulative predator. He will say he wants to be exclusive with you but he will be fondling other women behind your back. David tells his dying children he has no money for them but he will promise other women on facebook to pay for their vacations. He pretends to be humble when doing business but he will shamelessly show off his glittery gold chains and car collections online. David runs his gypsy drug gang at 5435 Benttree Way, Antioh CA 94531 for shady and illegal dealings. David, we are so sick of your bullshit and lies after all these years! The IRS would be interested in opening your books and collecting the decade worth of taxes that you refused to pay! Next time better watch out when you cross the street!

You know who

David Lee Drummond, East Bay Paving & Grading scumbag

David is a delusional psychopath and he also passes along HERPES to add insult to injury. He is married and he TONS of kids (he doesn’t even know how many he has). He is a skilled liar and he has a flock of women who he lies to. He will give you STD and also try to get you pregnant but he won’t stick around to help raise the child. When confronted he will say he doesn’t know any woman outside but oh he does know them well. He is a predator that preys on unsuspecting girls. Watch out for this guy, nearly everything he says is a lie. He will tell you he has no money but you find him driving sports cars and wearing gold.

Lisa Todorovitch, Antioch CA

Lisa Todorovitch (Todoro-bitch) is the dirtiest slut ever she is not attractive but throws herself at men so she is an easy lay. She did so much coke she sounds like an old man. Beware if you see her she is the shadiest home wrecker and she steals people’s family without remorse! She will physically assault you and if you call the police she will lie to make herself looks like the victim. She has ugly looks and her pussy is trash. This gypsy whore runs an illegal drug trade and prostitution ring at 5435 Benttree Way Antioch CA 94531. Keep your eyes open around her she’s nasty!

Sheena Rose Tadena (Fresno, California)

Sheena Tadena is a 31 year old pinay attention whore with bad vision that makes her mildly cross-eyed. Stands at 5’5 and currently weighing over 180 pounds of bullshit.

Sometimes wears glasses when she feels like she is a little dumber than usual, but usually wears sunglasses when going out to cover her ugly ass face. Brags about her hard working success of being a pinay because she has nothing else to brag about.

Freeloading fat fuck who’s bad in bed. Spends her time taking selfies and counting numbers on her facebook. Everything about her is a lie. Can’t hold a job. Can’t drive a car without causing an accident. Needs her license revoked for sure.

She likes the attention of any man, especially ones with kids. Lies about everything, even the color of her shoes. She is physically abusive and loves drama more than she will ever love you.

Says no one can resist her. Calls herself a queen. No good in bed, just lays there like a dead seal. Has fantasies of lying down on a rose bed and being pleased by multiple guys at once without doing anything. She will suck anyone who gives her a second glance. Has multiple boyfriends (human wallets) and a kid. Sleeps with men and demands money or else she would say rape.

Pretends to be helplessly depressed with a hard life.

Nick Weiss, Riverside California

Nick is a drunk, liar, cheater, con artist and mentally ill. He only cares about himself because he thinks he looks so hot to every woman in the world. He likes to turn the story around on girls because he thinks he’s always right, but he cheats and he lies. Nick is STD positive and he wants to make out with girls to spread Herpes. Any girl who comes in contact with Nick will end up hurt in many ways. Best to keep him at a distance if he tries to be intimate with you. K

Kimberly Koenig Krutz, California

This filthy Reach flight nurse & RN Kim Koenig Krutz of Rancho Murieta has no shame. She meets married men on Ashley Madison and meets them to engage in oral & sexual relations at the river, Folsom Lake on her parents boat “Barnacle Betty” or even back to her perents house to continue the horrid affairs. I’d double wrap boys – not sure what could be coming your way. So sad she has no remorse for hurting other peoples families – let alone her own. Being as she is married & has children as well. This horse face monster just doesn’t quit!

Pat Young Lives in Concord, California

Pat Young totally cheated on me when he left, too bad he left several reminders of his Tiny Dick with me. I Didn’t have to censor very much, he now can be seen on 100’s of sites by friends and classmates from Campolindo High School Class of 1988 in moraga SEND LINKS. I’m sure the girls will be happy they missed out on his 2 inch dick HARD. Plenty more on Myex, or just google him and Tiny dick or Small Penis for
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Christopher Marshall West Sacramento, California

Christopher Marshall was living in the Ft Bragg/Fayetteville area. We matched on Tinder in April, and he introduced himself as “a separated man looking for a FWB’. He tells me how “being in Afghanistan changed him” and the wife racked up his credit cards in debt, then took off with his two sons back to California. He gave me a STD, and finally admitted I was not the first person since his divorce. I contacted the wife when he abruptly ended things, claiming he had PTSD issues and was “unstable” and couldn’t see me anymore for my safety. She said they NEVER talked about a divorce, and she only moved away before his ETS in the army to enroll their oldest child in kindergarten. He still proclaims his innocence, claiming “we never talked about a divorce but we were separated”, knowing the wife and I talked and she specifically told me she was upset/thanks for telling me/we never discussed a divorce. The wife moved back to Cali May 19th, we met may 22nd, and I was -not- the first person he cheated on her wife. We had been speaking since April and he consistently invited me to Fayetteville “for a week”, repeatedly, in April and early May. I have no idea where he planned to keep me for a week while he worked and had a wife and kids to tend to while they were still in North Carolina. He is twisted, and low key crazy, too. Looking at him being 5’10, slightly chubby and laid back, you wouldn’t think he could premeditate such an extreme cheating affair with multiple women!!!!!!!

Chandra Eckhardt, Escalon, California

I met Chandra Eckhardt online when she was still married to her husband. Her husband was always traveling and she told me she was getting a divorce. I would come to her house often and had sex with her while her kids slept. She eventually had a bipolar meltdown with her husband and fuck the crap out of herself, blaming it on him. I was there every step of the way to support her. She told me she loved me and wanted to run off with me. It turned out she was also sleeping with a guy named Travis Solina from Hayward. I caught them having sex together when he was at her house. I never went back. She kept calling and texting me to hook up, but I never answered. One of my friends had sex with her after I was done, but he said she was too crazy and full of lies. Good luck Chandra


Nichole Schwebke, Lancaster, California

Nichole Schwebke is a rotten home wrecker, terrible person who has ruined families in at least three states! She uses anything she can to lure stupid men and then steals everything they have. Keep your men away. When she feels they can give no more, she moves on. Just like a locust. She left one of her husbands while he was dying of cancer. She set up another one to get him arrested when it was her that should had been sitting in jail. She will ruin your family! If you hear her name, or even hear a rumor of her name, take your family and run away as fast as possible.