Bruce Shackelford, North Carolina – This man must be stopped!

This man is a predator! He preys on single mothers and asks like their knight in shinning armor. He juggles 3 or more women at any given time and tells every one of them the same story. He had it hard growing up, he’s never been truly loved and nobody has ever taken care of him and made him feel special. He will also say that he knows how hard it is to be a single mother and that he will love your kids and raise them like they are his own. He falls in love with you on the first date and has never felt this way before. He wants to marry you, retire to the beach with you and you are the one he wants to be in heaven with. When he is busted he lies and tells everyone that you’re somebody he dated a couple of times and that you are obsessed with him and are a crazy stalker. The worst part is that he involves himself in the kids lives and when he gets caught, he just walks away and never looks back. This man must be stopped!