Joseph Lee McCarty. Tulsa, OK USA

Joe is a greeter at my church, Lifechurch Midtown at 41st and Sheridan. He volunteers there, and he is very friendly with all the women. He said he wanted to be my friend and asked for my number so we could go out sometime with my son and his daughter to look at Christmas lights.
We did go out once, but he gave off such a creepy vibe. His ora is very negative.
I started ignoring his texts and compliments about my eyes, and how sweet I am, and how he can’t wait to see me at church… it was the next week he started in on another woman. I also volunteered with him for the Christmas build at church, and he was flirting heavily with a different woman.
I recently found out that the while this was going on, he had a girlfriend who has three kids, and he asked her to go off her BC to have his baby! He also gave her Herpes. I am thankful my intuition warned me, and I feel awful for her and her children. She bravely posted her story on this site and I wanted to give my own account of his cheating and lies. This man is not who he claims to be. He is a liar and he uses women. He uses his daughter to create opportunity to get to know them, and he uses the church to find the women he uses. I know he has a criminal record, it’s all available on BEWARE of Joe. Joseph Lee McCarty is a lying cheater on a large scale. Not just one woman on the side, but 3-5 at a minimum.
If he’s done work for you in the last two years, or if you’re going to hire him, gather documentation and turn him in for unemployment fraud.
Stay away from this excuse of a man.