Joseph Lee McCarty

Joe MCCarty. Once a player always a player. I’ve known him for a number of years, and he’s always been into multiple women. He lies, he cheats, and I wouldn’t let my dogs fleas near him bc they’d probably get an STD.
He refuses to wear a condom, and he lies about himself, his past and present relationships.
I’ve never known him to he as heartless as he was to his last girlfriend. He said he loved her, moved right in and took care of her and her baby, he lied about his sexual history, and once she was in love and questioned his suspicious crap, he ignored her for days and called at least two other women to have sex with. He didn’t break up with her tho, and when he went back, he lied and said he hadn’t been with anyone, hadn’t flirted or texted anyone ether. Thank God she checked his phone. I’ve seen him cheat on others, but he slept with her and his side chick on a regular basis, while flirting w a number of other women, and he bragged about it the whole time. He said he “had this one hooked” and he was going to use her till she didn’t have anything left. He bragged about how she would have his kid, and that she loved him so she would never suspect or follow through with figuring out who else he was sleeping with. Also bragging about the other 4 women he was flirting with at his church and how they all trusted him bc of his volunteering and bc he’d take his daughter with him to go hang out.
He also brags about all the money he has bc he collects unemployment while working and doesn’t report his income to them or the IRS, and he gets food stamps…meanwhile he spends money like it’s water. He used the unemployment to make payments on his felony charges too.
When he told me she flipped out on him and was suicidal, I told him to leave her alone, but he continued to lie, and cheat on her for the next 3 weeks knowing her state of mind and bragging about his control over her and her life.
Even having known him for a long time, I was grossed out and disgusted by his disregard for her well being, and for her children.
He won’t change. Pretty sure he has at least one STD, and he will lie about everything to get what he wants.