Blair McLaughlin Towne, Elk Grove and Sacramento, California

Blair Towne is a serial cheater but is always IN LOVE with SOMEONE- A fuckboi of the highest degree. He will promise the moon and stars but he will also be sexting with women from all over the country (including one that helped to raise him and is in her 60’s). He will have numerous accounts on dating and s*x sites as he is open to women AND men, he will send lewd messages and make as many dates as possible – all the while he is maintaining multiple real life relationships. He is a compulsive liar who can’t keep his lies straight but traps women with them. He will threaten to commit suicide or hurt someone else when he is confronted.

Bruce Henning Phoenix,Arizona Maricopa

Bruce Henning a Cheater ? Does Bruce Henning have STD’s? Bruce Henning a womanizer? Bruce Henning bisexual? Bruce Henning have sexual addictions? Bruce Henning have affairs with married ladies? Bruce Henning have mental illnesses? Bruce Henning into urine and scat? Bruce Henning craves black c**k? Bruce Henning drinks men’s c*m?

Thomas Johnson, Menomonie, Wisconsin

This is the fakest man I have ever met. He looks like a teenager and wears his track shirt yet from high school. He likes to act as if he is a teenager yet. He cheated a lot. He was caught asking girls to sleep with him many times. Every time he had an excuse. One being the woman threatened to hurt herself unless she slept with him. He even got someone pregnant and signed the baby away. Then lied and told people it wasn’t his. He back stabs girls as soon as he is done using them. He also uses men. He even has apps on his phone to hide e mails and texts from other women. He s*x’s people all of the time. Even while he is going potty. He tells everyone he loves them. As a way to gain their trust.