Ashley Violet, Michigan

Ashley Violet of North Branch Michigan cannot be trusted, and she was stupidly given 5 years of love in hopes she would change. Anytime something didn’t go her way, she would go find another guy while keeping myself and my kids on the back burner saying she just needed to think for a couple days but loved us very much, and she would go off and spend nights at other guys homes. She would even come back to us some nights while lying to the other men that was sleeping with saying she was only visiting the kids when in fact she was back in the bedroom with me because I didn’t know. Each time she got caught, she would explode and say that we had broken up and to leave her alone. Then after a short period she would apologize for everything and say she learned her lesson and want to come back. She lied directly to our daughter’s face, saying she couldn’t hang out with her because she needed to run her bother’s truck back to him, then she left and drove 45 minutes away to have a date. Ashley Violet had done this many times, left the kids crying at the door step many times. We finally broke this time when about 14 months ago we took her back.after she slept with at least 3 guys in the span of a week, it was going great for the year, she wanted a ring on her finger, started pushing for hard for a ring on her finger. So we had a long talk about if more children would be in our future. The talk didn’t start off well, as I took some horrible advice and totally butchered bringing it up, but I ended up on her side of all of it agreeing with her completely. But for a couple days she was saying she needed time to think by her self. Then late Saturday night she decided she needed to clear her head and go spend time at her parents and she was no longer sure if we would work out or not. There were a lot of tears, she said she loved me dearly and just needed to unwind her brain and think and couldn’t do that with us around. And if this was the end that she wouldn’t be seeing anyone for a long long time because of how hard this choice would be if she went that route. Sunday she worked, we texted through out the day, she loved me and missed me. Monday she went to a doctor’s appointment, stopped by our house to grab some clothes, said she couldn’t stay because she had her brother’s truck and had to get it back home. She hugged me, kissed me, told me she loved me and missed me. She hugged my daughter, told her she loved her and the two of them cried together for awhile. She said the couple nights were doing her good and we talked about her being back soon. Then she said she had to get home and get her brother’s truck back to him, and left as my daughter waved at her in the doorway crying while she drove off waving back. Then she told us she was home safe.

But actually she drove from our place in Lapeer to Lake Orion to have a date with a guy. When she was confronted, she swore up and down it wasn’t a date, and she was sorry for lying about where she was going, but she loved us and she was sorry, and she still had a lot to think about. Then the next day she didn’t have time to come over and apologize or talk to us because she went on another date with the guy. So in two days she was off seeing someone else, keeping us on the back burner. And we are suppose to believe that interactions with this new guy didn’t start while she was living with me while everything was going fine, but started in one day while she was at work, or the next day while she was at a doctor’s appointment, before going on a date with him that night.

So I simply can’t keep putting my family through this. She called my daughter her daughter, my daughter called her mom. My daughter got so close to her, and she lied to my daughters face telling her she couldn’t hang out with her for a few minutes because she had to get home, but was really because she didn’t want to be late for a date. And my daughter watched as she lied to me, telling me everything she did and the tears she shed for loving and missing me for the past two days, but turned around and went out on a date right after leaving our home.

I may be heartbroken, but my daughter was destroyed, utterly destroyed. And I brought all this on after taking her back 14 months ago after she had done all this to us then back then.

It’s time for me to be smarter. I may be a glutton for punishment, but my children should never have to go through that.