Ashley Ann Harrison, Metter, Georgia

This is Ashley Ann Harrison. She lives in Metter, Georgia. She’s about 28, has two kids, and her ex-husband has nothing to do with her after leaving her for another woman (this came from her own mouth). This happened about the same time she started talking to my husband. Since she just went through the same thing you would think she would never do this to someone else knowing how it feels. No, she decided to invite my husband over to her house to have s*x after finding out we were having some problems. Instead of talking to me, he turned to talking to her and of course, she was more than happy to lend an ear.

I have 2 months worth of texts and calls when he was supposed to be working his shift before I found out and shut that sh*t down. He tried to hide her name under “airport” on his phone. She also gave him things (which I ended up burning after I found out where they came from). She even started liking his pictures on his job’s FaceBook page. What a creeper! She knew he was married and had a child and didn’t care that she was s******g with someone’s marriage. She knew that he had gotten into trouble before because he told her about the time he cheated on me back in 2012 yet she still decided to cause trouble. When I confronted her about the situation she showed no remorse at all. She even tried to get two police officers to intimidate me because she couldn’t pull her big girl panties on and accept the consequences of her actions. What’s funny is one of the officer’s told me he had gone through something similar with his ex-wife and that in Georgia, cheating is a misdemeanor (the person can either be fined or put in jail) and I could press charges if I wanted to. She’s nothing but a s**t. I think this woman truly enjoyed telling me the truth about what happened between her and my husband. What’s even funnier is that she actually believed the things he was telling her about how she was so special and he was glad she was in his life yet he was talking to 3 other women at the same time and saying the same s**t. Phone bills and FaceBook don’t lie. Silly, desperate, pathetic b****es will believe anything. Karma is a b**** and I truly hope she gets what she deserves. So if you’re near the Candler County area watch your husbands and boyfriends. Seems like there’s no shortage of badge chasing w***** there.