Luisa Berry Simpsonville SC USA

Luisa Ann Berry is your common piece of trash that has nothing in life but a bottle of hair bleach and a stick of makeup to stand on in her pathetic life.

With that being said, it’s no wonder she thru herself all over my man at our wedding (the one she was hired to do the girls’ makeup). Seriously! What kind of trash throws herself at the groom at his wedding? Luckily, I have a good man…rate, I know…and he told me about every detail of her indescretions.

This skank whore of a fake blonde bimbo needs to be exposed!!! DO NOT RISK EMPLOYING THIS WOMAN OR A FRIENDSHIP WITH THIS TRASH! If you do, be prepared to be disrespected in every way possible.

Debra jeannette parsel/lovell

Her maiden name is debra parsel from arizona and she was married before abd her name was debra delay. You must understand she is an evil person and ALL of her family will verify. She is under investigation by DFAC for facilitating her 14 yr old daughters relationship with a 24 yr old woman who uses cocaine and heroine. Debra is the most evil person i know. Speaking of sociopaths this woman truly has mental illness, her mothet, brothers an d entire extended family can testify to way more than this review. She is motivated by sex, sex with the homeless, sex with your husband, sex with anyone, even with no teeth. Ask david bremiller and his pill heads, they each took their turns. She is extremely dirty as in hygiene, she has dirty as in hygiene, she has taken a shit, not wiped and wanted to be fucked doggy style, disgusting I know. Folks it’s impossible to make this up, ITS THE TRUTH. Look at her closely and you will see and certainly smell the truth. Prove me wrong, she has no friends, only those that she has recently met. She has stole and taken from everyone she has befriended. This will include you. Call her mother, her name is jackie parsel-sherrill from Phoenix Arizona. Debra currently refuses to shower and will fuck anyone in the Georgia or surrounding areas. I can promise you she is evil and has never shown remorse or regret for anything, she always is the victim and she had facilitated a sexual drug relationship betweem her 14 yr old daughter and a 25 yr old woman, you believe this review you do well, you doubt it your in for a rude awakening, i know from experience. Now if your a sick bastard or bitch and like shit during sex then THIS Woman, she goes by debra delay, debra parsel, debra lovell or debra jeannette lovell is for you, she has teeth but when u see them it should be the first indication she is sick, who in the hell is so irresponsible they let their teeth rot?! ANSWER the above reviewed child in a very old and worn looking body. Search for david bremiller on google, you will see and just look at what she fucks. He has no teeth and you want this skank

Jason Romel Jefferson

Jason is a narcissistic sociopath who scams older females out of money. I met him when my house flooded and Rainbow International sent out a Tech—Jason. 35 year old handsome light skinned black man. Drop dead smile… Through Romance, he comes on like a boyfriend… Before you know it, you are picking up all the tabs, buying him clothes, groceries, paying his bills, giving him cash… He will even tell you he loves you every so often.. Especially when he is asking for money but doesn’t want you to accompany him. He was kind, attentive, sweet, loving, etc for about 6 weeks. Then he would cancel a date at the last minute or just not show up or call… But the apologies where thick and sweet. He stood me up on my birthday and I got nothing from him. Then the text responses took a little longer.. Phone calls would be short with an “I’ll call you right back”.. But we did up until the very end communicate in some form daily. Then the sex slowed down. It was the holiday season and I hoped to spend time with Jason. NOPE… Not a single holiday did we do.. Thanksgiving through St Patrick’s … I was alone… I noticed his visits coincided with his needs.. If he needed something, he made a point to see me… But only long enough to get what he needed. I was never allowed to go to his place, he always came to me.. Turns out he was living with some females while we were dating. I asked him several times throughout if he was sleeping with anyone else… He immediately said NO every tine… Just ME! He was very secretive about his phone… I never made the contact list!! He was scamming me from Day 1. It feel apart when I got nosy and started researching his past. Then I put him on MY cell phone plan, bought him an iPad, nice Bluetooth, and a very nice phone… I noticed lots of the same numbers showing up.. Using social media and phone number look up… Lots more pieces fell into place… He has Baby Mommas all over the country. Out of at least 4-5 kids, he pays child support for one… And bitches about it… All him Baby Mommas have served time. Turns out, I am the only one who didn’t have a rap-sheet. Some of them still in jail. He has whores in the DFW area as well as around the country… And it all the time looking for “something new to hit”. When I confronted him.. He said “it is what it is, can you let it go?” He has no intention to stop what he is doing, and he told me I shouldn’t have been so nosy. So now, he has all this new technology and I have a huge bill. So now I’m devastated because I fell in love with him, I’m an emotional wreck, I’m hurt deeper than I ever thought possible, broke with huge bills to pay. All he worried about is me staying out of messing with his phone. He is a cold, heartless, lying, cheating , worthless low life pig… A Textbook Narcassist!!
Jason has 6 or more kids.. Was served with Child Support papers since being exposed!!! But the lies continue … He is also a sex addict and spends hours with hookers having phone sex and text chat sex… Claims to never actually met up with one of the hookers… But probably more lies… He will be on the phone multiple times a day , with 4 or 5 different hookers . He is a sick, disgusting person with no future. Avoid this person at all costs … Romantically, sexually (he doesn’t and won’t practice safe sex!) or any other type of encounter!!

Bruce Henning Phoenix,Arizona Maricopa

Bruce Henning a Cheater ? Does Bruce Henning have STD’s? Bruce Henning a womanizer? Bruce Henning bisexual? Bruce Henning have sexual addictions? Bruce Henning have affairs with married ladies? Bruce Henning have mental illnesses? Bruce Henning into urine and scat? Bruce Henning craves black cock? Bruce Henning drinks men’s cum?

Julia Blair, Gilbert, Arizona

Found out my husband cheated with this woman “Julia Blair” some time ago. I confronted him after finding evidence of it. He confessed the whole thing. Now is my time to warn other women out there. Doesn’t matter if shes married, or simply dating men in a supposedly committed relationship, she looks for the excitement of unfaithful relationships. Schools, soccer fields, work places, there are some of he favorite hunting areas to spot and latch on her next target. She never keeps her prey very long. Once she slept with that man couple of times, she loses interests and moves on to her next target. So, consider yourself warned; Keep your husband away of her as much as you can, if not, then just keep an eye on her and possibly make sure she knows you are aware of her game.


Chris Rafter, Scottsdale, Arizona

Beware of this guy is a complete and total waste of space and life. This man uses women for money, sex, anything he can get his hands on. He tells them lies after lies to charm his way into your life and your children lives as well. He goes on Facebook and looks for women that he knows he can victimized. He is a sorry excuse of a man. He pursued me, not the other way around. He took me on date after date, had me around his family so I thought he was serious but he is a liar, he is the worst.