Annette (Lisa) Shaffer, Alpharetta GA

Partners in crime with LIARSANDCHEATERS hall of famer MATTHEW C. COULOUTE JR.

Annette spends her time helping her new black man, Matt Couloute, cheat the system. From laundering money, trafficking kids, tax fraud, spreading STDs, taking kids away from their mothers, bad plastic surgery, using her ex husbands money to support Matthew Condel Couloute and his psychopathic narcissistic abuse, this Georgia peach doesn’t realize what she’s gotten herself into.

Ms. Horse face should truly gallop for the hills before he rushes her into his 3rd marriage claiming he’s in love. Wonder if she knows he tells people she’s an old grandma? Poor dumb Annette. Watch your bank accounts, lock up your daughters….Annette, you’re in for a rude awakening. Wait until he doesn’t need you anymore.

So many women, so many abortions, strippers, lies upon lies, clients chasing him, lawsuits, bankruptcies, arrests,…he’s the victim and you’re rescuing him, right? The victim to a long line of women AND men telling the TRUTH.

Annette is willingly enabling an abusive psychopath who is using her to ruin his children, abuse them and their mothers, and use her money and her nice big house to maintain his facade. The mask will fall off soon…it’s a shame she’s so naive.

Might seem like the perfect guy right now…but have you checked to see how many online dating sites he’s on? Do you know how many women he’s abused? Why would any mother help such a terrorist destroy other mothers, and their innocent children? No one could be such a naive idiot to believe him, but alas he found Annette shaffer.

Good luck Annette. You’re dancing with the devil. Get your vag checked for herpes. ASAP. It’s not love, you’ve sold your soul to the devil. The truth always prevails.