Anna Rebecca Thompson, Mobile, Arizona

This woman is a deadbeat liar who will use your children against you. She will act like she is the only parent and that you don’t matter. You will see your child no more than 4 days a month if that. She works the system to pull in a high child support. She has a Bachelor’s Degree but works a minimum wage job to pull in the maximum child support. She leeches off her wealthy parents. She has said she is just waiting on them to die so she can get her inheritance and be ok. She is insanely jealous and controlling. She even tried to get her ex husband to abandon his son from a previous relationship because she was so jealous of his mother. She acts like she is a Christian but everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie or used to manipulate. She pretends she’s a nice person but behind closed doors she is wretched. She is verbally abusive and has been on medication for mental issues. She has a past if drug/alcohol abuse but will ignore it so she can shove your past in your face. Extremely judgemental. Thinks she is better than everyone. First class snob and spoiled brat. Entitled attitude.