Amy Hollier/ Conroe Texas

Amy Hollier of Kingwood, Conroe, and Lousiana is a trifling horrid dishonest woman. This person is a needle using heroin addict of over 10 years. She dated a friend of mine. She relayed to this friend from the first date to be a noble Lakota Indian/ claims that her parents and family are Lakota/ Indian. That she recieves Indian money from the government. – ALL LIES !!!! Not an Indian!!!
None of her parents are Indian!!!!

Amy led everyone to believe that she had been beaten by her ex husband- States that she had had him locked up for 50 years in Leavenworth federal prison.
*** all lies her divorced her and is a free man!!!!

Amy had went with my friend on a business trip, only to have her parents calling his phone the next morning. They relayed that she was there without permission and had lied about where she was… Seeing a pattern with dishonesty.

She had claimed to own a Jeep and paid for this with her Indian $$$- Sorry not true
Mommy and daddy own it!

She had lied to my friend about everything in her life for the first 30 days they were together.
Even made comments while watching an Indian documentary about the hardships sustained with her people– sorry lies again totally not an Indian!!!

Guys be careful she will slander/ only take one side of things and twist till she looks great.

By far the worst person I’ve ever met and damn sad for my friend. Please beware of this lying Succubus!!