Aida Mariana Zetina Olguin, Dallas, Texas, Irving, Texas

Mariana Olguin or whatever name she uses is a fat whore with STD’s who preys on men. She will tell you everything you want to hear while stabbing you in the back to her free if even fatter and uglier friends ( she has to surround herself with people like this to make herself feel better). She is in tons of debt to the tune of six figures. As soon as you show her one shred of encouragement she latches on for dear life. She’s been “pregnant” more times than Michelle Duggar yet no kids. She fakes pregnancy to keep a guy. She followed me here from Mexico and calls all the time and shows up to my door. She has private investigator following me too, so whatever guy she traps and gets citizenship from will have to pay that debt off. This girl is impossible to get rid of and nothing to write home about. She takes your money and gives std’s and threatens your new girlfriend
381 las colinas blvd number 6006 Irving Texas