Mitch Delorme, Edmonton, Alberta – A lying f**k bag!

We knew each other when we were teenagers. We had a little fling when we were young. Went our own ways for almost 17 years. Reconnected and began a relationship. He has always had a bad rap with how he treated any of his girl friend but honestly thought he would of grown up in all those years past. I had seen signs of lots of signs as I had caught different things on his emails, his cell phone etc. He was always accusing me of being unfaithful and lying. Always said every ex he ever had cheated on him. The usual bullshit a cheating, lying dirt bag does. I chose to try and have faith, believe his endless sorry to have him propose marriage and while I began to plan our wedding I started to get a gut feeling something wasn’t right. I put a spyware on his cell phone and within 3 days I had 3 text messages to ex girl friend. I will post in the image section. I have 2 children, not with him but he has been a part of them for the last 5 years. Who does that? A lying f**k bag! I don’t wish anyone the pain that this sort of thing causes. He has no shame! He is still to this very day saying he loves me and is still texting and g*d only knows who or what else. Stay away from this guy nothing but heartbreak and agony!!