Convincing liar and cheater and her ex husband Ricky Moore

Please guys stay far away from this woman. She’s one of the most lying, sneaky and backstabbing woman I’ve ever met. I’m not going to write a huge page about her but just know she has her own agenda, is very jealous. Has a felony record and is currently incarcerated. She comes across as educated, computer savy (which she is) and all about you.

Please don’t be fooled, if you have anything this woman wants she’ll manipulate you into thinking she’s about and for you all the while she’s using you to get what she wants. The only people who are important to her are her two sons and her ex husband Ricky Moore who treated her like garbage and she still took a felony charge for him. I warn you, please stay away and be careful.

Email: Phone numbers:(202)670-7202 or (301)904-9040