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Sylvia Rosalie Ego, California

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Sylvia Rosalie Ego challenged fat old b****….go home and stay there. This person who touts herself as a pillar is in fact an attention seeking adulteress. She is ungrateful and disloyal to her spouse of 20 yrs. she always puts her selfish needs first, unless you hear her tell it. She must be one of the most hateful lowlifes there is, every time she interacts with my husband he hates everything and everyone, and I’m talking, family, friends, everyone. She is a low life f****** up other people to get attention and she needs to be exposed for what she is a f****** liar. If your husband wants it stopped better move you far away, cause you can’t stop till lives are irreversibly ruined and your continued efforts to make the world as miserable as you are disgusting.

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