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Suzanne Marie Bates, Akron, Ohio 44306 USA

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Suzanne had sex with me unprotected and then told me that she has herpes and that she was testing my semen to make sure she wasn’t allergic to it. We were together for a year and she stopped having sex with me after just 4 months. I begged her to tell me the truth, since there must have been somebody else but she lied and lied and lied again… She strung me along month after month, accepting my gifts but not putting out at all. She recently told me that she wanted to take a break and think about things after I caught her in two lies lately. It really made her mad that I busted her but she continued to lie to me. I begged her to tell me the truth but she insisted that I was wrong. Tonight I drove by her house and found a truck in her driveway. I pounded on the window, begging her to come out and finally tell me the truth but she called the police on me. Of course, she made herself out to be the victim but the cops knew better, I think they have done this before at Suzanne’s house. They knew she was a cheater. Suzanne Marie Bates is a cheating floozie! She’s short and cute but don’t fall for her lies! Don’t get Herpes either…

11 thoughts on “Suzanne Marie Bates, Akron, Ohio 44306 USA

  1. That little slut got me too! Drained me of all my money and screwed every guy she could find, she even acted like a good girl and wouldn’t give it up for months, then she went hog wild with every guy around! SKANK!

  2. She got all my money too! Acted like she loved me and took all my gifts and then screwed the world behind my back. I agree with Mike too, her cooch smelled REAL BAD!!! SLUT!

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