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Suzannah Locklair Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

First Name : Suzannah
Last Name : Locklair
Gender : F
Age : 52
City : Myrtle Beach
State : SC
Country : US
Email :

Mug Shot from Bomb Threat to Employer Arrest!! She is a drug addict, alcoholic, cheating, borderline personality diagnosed nightmare. Run Run Run from her. She will have sex with you for anything she needs. She preys on men on every dating website out there. If you decide to stick your dick in crazy…..Double Wrap, seriously. She is on 9 medications, including ativan, xyanex, vicoden for depression, moodswings, anxiety, and general mental illness.
She sleeps with her married bosses, friends husbands, even her sisters husband. She lies every time she opens her mouth. She cannot control her aggressive Temper, I had to file a restraining order against her. She has been arrested for Do,estic violence, falsifying documents to obtain oxycodone and lying to the police. Just look it up on the Disciplinary license section of the SC Nursing Board. Word to the wise, do not get involved with this level of madness unless you are on the same level. This woman is not for sane people to endure. I got out but not unscathed.

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