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Susan Michelle Conway Auburn Georgia USA

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This woman is a serial cheater, dater, whore and will attach herself to anyone in order to get them to pay her way. She doesn’t care if they’re married or old and nasty just as long as they pay her way. She’s had 2 failed marriages and will have many more if someone is stupid enough to keep her up. She has 2 kids and 1 she lost custody of to her ex. Just do yourself a huge favor and stay away. She posts pics online like she’s beautiful but what you get in person once you meet is nothing like the pictures with double to triple chins and just false advertising. She claims to be bisexual and that she only prefers whatever gender the poor sucker she’s trapped is But she’ll be talking and sending dirty pics and texts to everyone while you’re even sitting in the same room. Stay away, run away if you must just don’t go there because nasty and a cheating user that has no idea what loyalty is!

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