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Susan Button of Franklin TN

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I made contact with this girl on Seeking a sugar daddy website about a month ago. Yeah I am a sd. You can say whatever I don’t give a shit. After I made contact with her I did some searching and came across all of the stuff on this website. I always check. Read today’s post and thought I would make public that she is not a victim. She is what you see in the picture. The screenshots are from my phone. She was and may still be looking for an arrangement. She says she prefers married men. That was last month. So she clearly is still doing what she claims she isn’t doing. I don’t know who this guy is but bro you dodged a bullet. She also says she mutually beneficial relationship with no strings attached. She says she is on Seeking for a specific reason and a specific purpose. To get money or trips or whatever in exchange for sex. What kinda pissed me off is her claim god and praying. I may not be the most upstanding guy but at least I am real. Bitch you need help. Buyers beware.

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