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Steven Scott and Marie of Lacey, WA

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I would like to report a horny dog of a Husband. Who lied and cheated on his wife for 5 straight years. The woman let’s her sister move in, and the 19 year old hoe thow’s herself at the father of 2, in the house they share with his children, in front of his children. The wife is lied to On numerous occasions that “nothing” is going on between the Sister and The Husband… until she CATCHES them in bed together!
Fast forward 10 months and the nasty bastard and his new hoe have moved out, kicking the wife and kids to the street to be homeless, and they have a baby! A son, named Brayden. How Fucking cute, huh?

This man is a scum bag. He has no respect for women and when he gets tired of his new bitch and child, he will bail out on them as well.

The sister? Ain’t shit but a bag of crabs and yeast infections with BV galore. She’s the lowest of moldy, dead fish to ever walk this planet. Her morals don’t exist and she should have that kid taken and given to a family that’s more mentally stable then her and that dead beat ass babydaddy.

They live at the Dakota in Lacey, WA, an apartment complex. Living a perfect little fake life while they’ve inadverntly destroyed two little girls lives, home, and relationship with their own Father and Aunt.

So, if you see them… ask them how’s their new little dirty life going.

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