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Steven Mark Haffley

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Steven Haffley is a sick twisted racist who enjoys incest porn and “youth porn”. This kid likes to call himself “viking” and is a frequenter of prostitutes of questionable ages. When not attempting to spread whatever diseases he has across the globe, he enjoys slinging racial slurs at non-white people and the people that love them. When he does have sex, he fails to use protection and lies about it, despite not being tested. He is severely mentally ill and spends his money stalking black people and prostitutes that block his number. BEWARE!!!

7 thoughts on “Steven Mark Haffley

  1. Sorry to here about what this man has done. Keep this man away from your children..Did you know he is a register sex offender? He lived in Jersey Shore, PA had to register but skip and moved to Columbus, OH because the police is after him because he did not check in or register. There is a warrant for his arrest

    NAME: Steven Mark Haffley
    AGE: 38 DOB: 01/09/1978
    LOCATION: Columbus, OH

  2. I swear to god, My son has only raped and molested two children that I know of, and all of a sudden he is a pedophile! Please don’t mis judge my son. I am his father. Please leave my son alone he paid his debt to society.

  3. See we all can see what a liar you are. I just looked up that website and its a government website. its states you are (Active Predator) Government has no reason to lie on you, Two i found you listed on watchdog as a Predator…and Sierra Mcgrone has done nothing to your retard ass. You have sexual advances on her and she told you your d*ck was two little and now you are pissed at her. Google will not shut off adsense because i have read stories on the web pages out on the net if you Google Reportmyex. There was one i thought was very funny when RME told Google to go fuck them selfs and as you can see they still have there ads on this shit of website. RME dont need Google because the site is so big people no where to look up to see if you have been reported google knows this, look it up at googles awswners. You need to stop geting mad because every time you post on this report you are making it rank even more. dont want to click on this url because you will ad juice to it. I also found out that FBI is trying to close this website because a 15 year old girl killed her self because he ex post here on this site naked. was you the one that posted her photos?

  4. Dear moderator of reportmyex, can you please ban Steven Haffley from this website because he is spamming it so bad and thank you for your attention in this matter

  5. Steven i saw your facebook page you said you are going to delete it and thats why i am here to join class action lawsuit against reportmyex..This website got into hot water 5 years ago. When we went to court the admin of this website changed the name from to this change my case in court. My lawyer said we had to start all over because of this, I ran out of money. This website has let people slander my good name. One i was not a cheater and i did not cheat on my girlfriend because i am gay. i never had girlfriend. same post has been up on this site for 6 years. I have tried to get job and it come up and my boss that interview me would asK me about this post. I have tried to get bank loan and it hurts my credit because of this. I cant even get job this is so sad

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